Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bullets From The Past by Antonio Scotto di Carlo A Psychological Thriller you will never forget! #99CENTS for a LIMITED TIME!

Bullets From The Past

Antonio Scotto di Carlo



We all make mistakes. We lock our faults in the closet of our past, and try to carry on. For a while, we delude ourselves that Life has forgotten our debt, but the moment when She brings us the bill always comes. And seldom does she cancel the interest…
United States. A young woman learns that two girls, whom she’d met at a summer camp many years before, have been brutally murdered. Although it seems to be a tragic coincidence, she starts to fear for herself and goes to the police. The handsome detective who listens to her finds her theory very weak; nevertheless, he decides to check it out: the sexual background of the story might justify her fear.

The events of the following days link past and present, entwining their lives with the killer’s in an unpredictable way.

This is a psychological thriller with an undercurrent of a fated romance. The author approached me with a copy of his book and I was intrigued.

Who has not made mistakes in their lives that later on come back to haunt them? That is the crux of this spectacular plotline, as the mistakes made as a teenager come back to haunt our main character, Natalie. The romance that develops between Natalie and the detective that tries to help and protect her (Landon) is sensitive, passionate, and runs the gambit of all emotions.

This book is full of reality. If you are looking for a happily ever after, well, you will not find it. These are fated lovers dealing with the horrors of a serial stalker and the horrors that come for the kidnapped victim. These characters are good people trying to do what is right, but karma or life has a way of extracting a balance for the mistakes made and it is not always indicative of an HEA.

Loved the plotline and the writing style. I am hoping this author will write a sequel resolving the lives of these characters in a happier setting.

About the Author

I'm an Italian Author because I was born in Italy, so I must be Italian. Then I happened to write a couple of novels, so I started to call myself an Author. Eventually, I dared to have them translated in English... so here I am :)



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