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Finding Sam (A Reliant Love #2) by Taylor Lavati Release Day Blitz: September 1, 2015 and Giveaway

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 Finding Sam 
(A Reliant Love #2) 
by Taylor Lavati 
Finding Sam Cover
Release Day Blitz: September 1, 2015
Genre: New Adult Dark Romance
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Sometimes, the past isn’t supposed to be forgotten.
Sam is convinced he’s cursed. Everything he touches dies. He leaves his past behind and travels across the country, hoping the distance will save the loved ones he’s left. When his car breaks down, he becomes stranded, finding comfort in a stray dog.
Despite the fact that he refuses to build any relationships, the people of Sterling, Colorado wiggle their way into his heart. His adopted dog, Lucky, shows him he can handle responsibility. His new boss, Lenny, shows him he has purpose. His neighbor, Izzy, shows him he’s capable of love again. But can Sam find happiness after he’s lost it all?
Finding Sam, the sequel to the bestselling novel of addiction and attraction, A Reliant Love, is a tale of redemption, acceptance, and finding yourself.

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~ Chapter 1 ~

Ten days without Nathalie. Ten days in a dark world with no purpose. It’s been ten days too long staying in this empty town, but I don’t have much of a choice. I had to get my shit together before I up and left. I think if I would have driven out of town right after the funeral, they’d have called the cops on me. I have to act normal, pretend I’m okay, to convince them I’ve moved on.
My black bag sits in the middle of the empty room, regurgitating piles of dark clothing. It’s the only bag I’ve allowed myself to pack. Secretly, I’ve been emptying the house. My parents know it’s on the market, I’ve left it up to them to finish the sale and deal with it. It’s about the only thing they’ve ever been supportive of—my leaving for good.
After the funeral, everyone refused to leave me at home alone. Despite the fact that this is my home, the one place that still has signs of Nat in it, they infiltrated it with their presence and hovered.
Today’s the first day I’ve woken up alone. Oddly enough it’s also the last day I’ll be here. I get up off the bed I used to share with Nat and shove the clothes into my bag and zip it up. This little duffle bag is going to be my one possession until I get wherever I’m heading.
I still haven’t figured that out. The downstairs kitchen smells like burnt chicken and lemon-scented candles. Nathalie had been making dinner before she came to pick me up. I refuse to remove the food or change anything in the house. The movers or my parents can do it. I don’t need to.
On the kitchen counter sits a brown paper bag that the hospital gave me. Well, they didn’t give it to me. I hadn’t been allowed to leave my room yet, the night it all went to shit. They wanted to make sure that I didn’t have bleeding on my brain so they were forcing me to spend the night.
Even after my rehab stint, I’d never felt so helpless, so confined. Petey and Sarah refused to leave my side despite the fact that I kept lashing out at them. I had just fixed my relationship with Petey after our falling out from high school. He was able to move past the tragedy with his sister, Sarah and let me back in his life. Sarah always forgave me for the accident, but things were looking up. All my relationships were moving in a positive manner. I remember in the hospital telling Petey what a terrible person he was, and jabbing Sarah with my words of how she’d be settling with her fiancé.
Like me pushing them away would make things better. I hate that I felt the need to assault them with my words. I hate that I made the already tragic situation worse. But at that moment, I was in shock and hated everything around me, mostly myself.
But it kept getting worse and worse. Her parents showed up in about an hour flat. I wasn’t allowed to leave my room, but I recognized her mom’s voice from what I had heard through the phone numerous times. The second I heard it, I almost thought it was Nat; my brain playing tricks on me, teasing me, torturing me. I’d never hear Nat’s voice again.
The orderly’s packed Nat’s belongings in a small Ziploc bag. I pick it up off the ground, knowing there’s only one small item inside. I won’t part ways with it. The last chip of my soul refuses to let it go. I shove it into the side compartment of my bag and zip it up tight, double checking to make sure there’s no way it could fall out.
After deciding to leave the East Coast and place as much mileage between me, and my friends, and family, as possible, I knew I couldn't ditch the truck. Despite needing the fucking thing gone from my life forever, I can’t afford to get a new car and have enough left over from what I’ve saved to live off of.
But first chance I get, it’s gone. It smells like her. Sugar and flowers.
I’ve been meeting with Karen every day since the night Nat was stolen from me. I’m not supposed to call it anything other than an accident, but in my eyes, it could have been prevented. This was no accident. This was a life-changing moment that will forever affect me.
I pull my truck into the office parking lot and cut the ignition. Karen doesn’t work in town—I met her while in rehab two hours away—but she’s been using one of her colleague’s offices to meet with me. She said it was important that I had support. She’d met my parents numerous times and deemed them not responsible to care for me. I can’t blame her. I’d been in recovery twice and both times, they weren’t around.
There’s always this nagging pulling in my stomach before I meet with Karen. I know it’s nerves like she’s going to uncover a deeply-rooted, hidden secret I’m not ready to hear. Not that I think I have secrets because I don’t. I’m a recovering drug addict who’s followed by a curse where I hurt those I love. That’s pretty much the bottom line, although if I said any of that out loud, Karen would scold me for days. Maybe I will say it today since it’s my last day to meet with her before I leave.
I don’t bother knocking or ringing the bell. Ten days of the same thing over and over, I’ve become used to the routine. I walk past the staircase and knock on the door of the office. Karen yells for me to come in, so I do.
“Hi, Sam!” She smiles at me, flashing her teeth as she stands behind the desk and reaches over. I take her hand and shake it. She picks up her green-rimmed glasses and crumbled note pad and walks around the desk. She sits in an identical chair to mine beside me.
“How are you?” I ask her, crossing my arms over my chest.
“Fine, how are you today?”
“I’m good.”
“Is that because you’re leaving or because you genuinely feel good?” She narrows her eyes. That’s the problem with meeting someone frequently and having them know you; you can’t trick them.
I shrug in response.
“Instead of talking about you today, I wanted to leave you with some knowledge to help you in the future. I know hashing out your insecurities is good, and I love seeing you have a break through. But since you’re leaving, I’m worried you won’t understand the feelings you are going to experience. So, I’ll give you some information to help along the steps today. Sound good?” She flips the page of her notebook, making a crinkling sound as it flies over.
“Whatever you want to do,” I tell her, because honestly, I couldn’t care less. An hour or two more and I’ll be out of here. And an hour or two more after that, and I’ll be free from all of this pressure to be okay.
“I know we touched on the stages of grief before and I had you guess where you were, so I want to start there. Have you given it anymore thought?”
“Yeah, I still think it’s stupid. That chart, those seven feelings don’t really define what I’m feeling. I’ve accepted that she’s gone, but that doesn’t mean I’m over it. I’m not in shock…I know she’s gone. I feel her absence on a daily basis. So, I don’t fucking know where I am.”
“The stages are just a guideline, Sam. I’ve told you this.”
“I know…and it still doesn’t make it any easier.”
“Well, I want to go over them again so you relate to what you’re feeling. I agree that you’re not in the first stage anymore. The first stage you experienced in the hospital. You refused to see people, wouldn’t admit she was gone.” I squeeze my fist so tight my knuckles bloom white. Don’t remember her, I chant to myself, stop thinking of the hospital. No more memories today.
“The second stage is pain, sometimes guilt. Your life is going to be chaotic, a little crazy. You’ll feel guilty, kind of like your curse belief. But it hurts, a lot. The third stage is bargaining. Here is when you’re going to ask questions like, ‘Why me? Why her?’. You’ll probably lash out at people, get frustrated. If you begin to feel this way, try to tamp it down, find something that will calm you down. You don’t want to push away those around you.
“Let’s see…” She flips another page in her notebook and shoves the end of the pen in her mouth, chewing the plastic part. “The next is depression. With your added history of substance abuse, this is definitely a pronounced concern. It is not a question of if you will experience depression from this life-changing event, it’s a question of when. And honestly, Sam, you will need to seek help. Wherever you end up, find a therapist, give them my number, and have them call me. Depression is a legitimate disease and you, nobody, should have to live through the loneliness, despair, emptiness, and unworthiness alone. You understand? You find someone to help you.” I nod. “Say it.”
“I understand. I’ll get help.”
“Swear it to me. When you end up where you think you’ll stay, if you feel the signs of depression, you’ll talk to someone. Please, Sam. You know I care about you. I would hate to see you in the condition we met in. Okay?”
“Okay, Karen.” I widen my eyes at her pushiness. “I get it. I can’t do it alone.”
“It’s not that you can’t, Sam. You shouldn’t have to. You deserve better.” She shakes her head, blinking away tears. “Okay, after that…you’ll hit the upward spiral. You’ll start feeling just a little better every day. Then you’ll start to reconstruct your life, fix things, change things, and move forward. The last stage is acceptance. It’s pretty self-explanatory. But once you’re here, you’ll see hope in the future, understanding, and crave the normal.”
“And what? Nathalie’ll just be a distant memory?”
“Of course not. You’re stages of grief have nothing to do with her memory. And just because you accept that she’s gone doesn’t mean you forget her. In fact, I urge you to remember her, remember the good things. In a healthy way of course.”
“Of course.” I nod, mocking her.
“I also want to mention something. The chances of you relapsing at a time like this are astronomical. I think the rates are at about fifty percent during times of stress and within the first year of sobriety. However, I need to explain what will happen if you were to relapse and go back to cocaine.
“Because your body has no cocaine systemically any longer, your chances of dying during a relapse skyrocket. I’m sure you were used to injesting large amounts at a time. If you were to take what you were taking at your peak using time, you’d most likely die, right?”
I nod. My heart spikes and my palms sweat. It’s too real. But even talking about it makes me want to try it just to remember the feels. I miss the high. I’ve been low for so long now.
“Odds are, someone you will meet uses cocaine. It’s the second most used drug in the country. But you’re a strong man, Sam. I believe you won’t go back to using. And I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.” Heavy tears slide down her reddened cheeks.
“Why are you crying?” I ask her in a voice that can only be described as emotionless. I clear my throat, holding it in.
“I’m going to miss you,” she blurts out. “I know you’ve been through hell and back. But I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, Sam. I hope I’ve helped you in even the slightest way possible.” She places her notepad beside her and leans forward. Her arms circle my neck and she tugs me against her. She squeezes and then pushes me back.
“You’ve helped me,” I say. “You’ve helped me a lot, Karen.”
“You have my number, right? You have everything? Money?”
“I don’t need your money, Karen. I have enough to get me across the country and be fine. Don’t worry about me, okay?”
“Of course I’ll worry about you!” She slaps my knee. “You’re a great man, Sam. You’ll make someone happy. First, you have to find your own way. And stop worrying about this curse. You aren’t cursed, I swear. You have your new therapist, so call. That’s an order.”
“Got it.” My throat swells a little bit, tastes salty. Truth is, I’ll miss Karen. I’ll miss all of them. But this is for the best. I have to separate myself. This is for their own good. Damn, I’m doing this for them!
I slam my lips together, blink once to stop my emotions, stand, and leave the office for good. I won’t be coming back here. And I won’t see these people again.
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~ A Reliant Love ~

A Reliant Love Cover
Synopsis Logo
Nathalie Carter wants one thing: independence. She has paid her dues by living at home under her parents’ watchful eyes, earning grades to give her a ticket out and joining clubs she had no interest in to get into college.
She plans to experience things she believes every new adult should—from falling in love to playing beer pong and pulling an all-nighter to skipping class because she’s too hungover. But nothing ever seems to go as planned, and she gets pulled into a world she never imagined existed.
Samuel Torrington’s past refuses to release him from its vise-like grip; but he has a plan, and once his senior year of college is over, he can finally move away and start anew. His addictions help him get through day-to-day life, but he’s constantly battling darker demons.
Fate brings the two together, and chance takes them on a roller coaster ride that neither would dare hop off. Within destiny’s grasp, they realize there are two things impossible to fight—addiction and attraction.
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Author Bio Logo
Taylor Lavati is a twenty-something year old author residing in a small town in Connecticut with her husband and dog. She writes both Young Adult and New Adult with ranging genres from fantasy, A Curse Books trilogy, to dark romance, A Reliant Love. Romance with a bit of CHAOS. Find out more at taylorlavati.com
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SPOTLIGHT ON CURVES ENVY - the frolicking and erotic series by Scarlett Avery

Curves Envy Banner   
the frolicking and erotic series
by Scarlett Avery

Curves Envy Cover   

What happens when a sassy curvy BBW girl meets a raunchy alpha male? 

When Max Keller, a domineering Billionaire Alpha Male, catches sight of Candy’s luscious curves, all bets are off. How can casual drinks turn into a night of unspoken raunchiness on the forty-first floor of a swanky New York hotel? 

This sexy, sizzling and steamy New Adult Romance / BBW Billionaire Romance / Curvy Romance / Alpha Male Billionaire Romance with a dash of comedy will make you laugh and leave you very hot and bothered.

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Candy has not had the best of luck with men. When you read the first couple of chapters in this book you will be laughing and crying at the same time. Her sex life is such a disaster it cannot help but be funny.

The Curve Envy series poses the age old question - are there men out there who actually love a curvy girl? By curvy we do not mean size 12 either! We are talking Jennifer Lopez size derriere, Kardashian hips, and a rack in the double D's. Being a curvy girl myself, I have to disclose the fashion pendulum is swinging our way girls!

In this first installment, Candy actually meets the man who will change her life. I love Max! He should be the man we hold as the patron saint of curvy girls. We should make more men follow his lead. He is dominant, but not a Dom. He is a sex God and has the stamina that only great fiction can grant.

Yes, this is the great beginning to a series that will have you panting in your dreams!   

  Excerpt   “Here’s the thing, Candy, there’s only one of those beautiful women who has sexy curves threatening to make me lose my mind and I’m looking at her right now.” He must be pulling my leg. After struggling for years with men and my self-esteem about my weight, I can’t have possibly bumped into a hot guy who likes women with curves. For crying out loud, this isn’t a Harlequin novel. He glides his hand down my shoulder and stops between my breasts. “You’ve been teasing me since we met in the lobby by exposing your luscious full boobs. Don’t think I didn’t notice your perfect pink nipples peering through the sheer fabric of your bra.” “It was an accident,” I plead, caught between panic and insatiable desire. “Shhhh.” He brings his index finger to my lips and silences me. “I haven’t been oblivious to the way your black silky dress clings to your round hips.” He moves his hand to my hip so quickly I’m caught off guard. “Although the room was packed, your fragrance has been wrapped around me all night long.” “Max…” Fuck, this is so hot. I can’t remember the last time I was this turned on. I swear I could scoop my juices trailing down my thighs. “Yes, Candy?” I want to beg him to stop, but I can’t. I desperately want to continue engulfing myself in his sweet words. I don’t care if I’ll wake from this dream tomorrow. For now, I want to lose myself completely in him. “Did you have something to confess?”

Curves Envy 2 Cover   How can curvy BBW girl Candy resist the incredibly hot & raunchy alpha male she accidentally bumps into? This sexy, sizzling and steamy New Adult Romance / BBW Billionaire Romance / Curvy Romance / Alpha Male Billionaire Romance Series with a dash of comedy will make you laugh and leave you very hot and bothered. Warning: This billionaire romance novel is full of mind-blowing raunchiness, spanking, domination, and a few other naughty things that will make you blush. Proceed at your own risk... but, it’s well worth the naughty ride!**

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Surprise! Max is more than he let on! Candy is smitten. "Maleficent" is on the prowl! And oh, yes, their relationship is taking off like a bullet!

Keep reading! This story is just getting better and better. Max is totally gung ho to romance Candy out her panties. Well, rip them is more like it! It is a good thing he owns a lingerie company, if not he would be ripping a lot of money.

Can this man get any better?

Curves Envy 2 Teaser 

Curves Envy 3 CoverJust when you think Max can't get any raunchier, he surprises you and leaves you panting and begging for more. Unfortunately, the alpha billionaire’s insatiable craving for curvy girl Candy has put them in the slightly compromising situation at her work. Will they be able to get away with their afternoon session of pure debauchery or will they get caught red handed performing lewd acts at the office’s of the fashion magazine Candy works for? Who can blame this sassy BBW for succumbing to Max’s charm? After all, it's nearly impossible to resist this incredibly hot & dangerously delicious alpha male! This sexy, sizzling and steamy New Adult Romance / BBW Billionaire Romance / Curvy Romance / Alpha Male Billionaire Romance with a dash of comedy will make you laugh and leave you very hot and bothered. Warning: This curvy girl billionaire romance novel is full of mind-blowing raunchiness, spanking, domination, and a few other naughty things that will make you blush. Proceed at your own risk... but, it’s well worth the naughty ride!**

amazon link

All I can say is the room where the Fashion Archives are kept is XXX Rated. Give thanks the door has a lock!

By now Max and Candy cannot stay away from each other. It is high time they let their secret out because when those two are in close proximity, anything around will automatically combust from the heat they generate!

Things are getting serious between these two. Candy needs to finally believe Max is serious. Girl, this man has spent more money in ripped panties than the bottles of Dom Perignon you two are guzzling down.

It is now time for the final twist in the plot... the death of Candy's parents... was it really an accident?

Curves Envy 3 Teaser 

Curves Envy 4Candy receives an envelope from a stranger that shakes her to the core. Her grandmother has always claimed her son’s, Candy’s dad, death had nothing to do with an accident, but without solid proof there was no way of convincing the authorities of fowl play. Now, Candy holds in her hand an incriminating letter from a person who seems to have been keeping tabs on her life. Can she trust this woman who’s making some pretty bold allegations about what really happened on that faithful Sunday when her parents set off on their summer vacation. Devastated, Candy to turns to her pillar of strength for comfort—alpha billionaire Max Keller. As Candy digs deeper, she stubbles upon some shocking facts and she realizes in dismay that a few people in her close circle have been plotting against her for a very long time. As this ordeal unfolds, Candy and Max do their best to grow their relationship, but will the crumbling weight of this horrific drama threaten what they’ve built so far? Will Candy be able to uncover what really happened to her mom and dad and in doing so, is she putting her own life in danger in her quest for the truth?

amazon link

Never a dull moment in Candy's life. By now, we all want to let "Maleficent" have it. I am a peaceful person, but the things this woman has done to Candy deserve more than a slap... heck! Where is my baseball bat?

Max is still the man for me. I am so hooked on this man! Not only is he a great lover, but a great human being. No wonder Candy is just nuts about him.

All secrets will be revealed and tied into a neat knot. This conclusion to the series was as exciting as the rest of the series. It really leaves you feeling good and still wanting more from Max and Candy!

I have read other series by this author and must say this series is her best!

  About the Author  

About Scarlett Avery

I write sultry, sensual and steamy erotic romance novels that make women blush. I’ll admit my novels are a bit risqué, but if you can’t push the boundaries between the pages of a book, it’s just not fun. I’m a Canadian Amazon Bestselling erotic romance author with a penchant for discovering the world. As a globetrotter, I’ve found it essential to inject my love of travelling in my erotic romance books. I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world because I have family in Paris and in Italy—two of my favourite places on this planet. I have a serious love affair with Italian gelato, ice cream, pound cake, homemade cookies and Martinis. Like most women, I have way more shoes than I need, but it’s so hard to resist getting new ones. I’ve always wanted to write erotica novels, but never had the courage to put pen to paper until 2014—when I decided to jump in with both feet. Once I started writing, it’s as if I just couldn’t stop and now I find myself constantly walking around with new stories floating in my head all the time. I have an obsession with Christian Louboutin shoes and they are on the list for me to buy the next time I visit family in Paris. At 5’9, I hardly need more height and God knows I can’t walk like a lady with anything higher than 2 1/2 inches, but I do love drooling all over them and I live vicariously through my main female characters in my novels who can wear 4 and even 5-inch Christian Louboutin heels without any problem �� I hold two University degrees in two different languages in two of the most prestigious international business schools and just like Sofia and Ciara, the main female characters of my first two erotic romance books, I speak four languages. The woman behind the pen name was also featured in Forbes magazine �� My first series, Unbearable Passion, was published in October 2014 and since then I’ve been blessed with an insanely awesome group of faithful readers. I love those ladies so much. Their passion for my books makes the very long hours rewording. I write naughty romance novels because of three reasons: 1. Living on the edge between the covers of a book is so exhilarating. 2. I’m addicted to the feeling of falling in love—I’ll even get emotional when I write certain scenes. 3. I’m a sucker for a happy ending! I hope you’ll enjoy reading my erotic romance books as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them! Don’t be a stranger. Make sure to connect with me! I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE hearing from my readers and how my stories have allowed them to get away to a sexier place for a few hours. You should sign-up to my mailing list in order to receive the latest Scandalous Seduction romance.
You can also connect with me on social media:

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Touched by You by Emily Jane Trent ***STEAMY ALPHA MALE ROMANCE*** Why not start reading this series at a special price? #99cents @EmilyJaneTrent

Touched by You 
by Emily Jane Trent


Why not start reading this series at a special price?

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"Masterfully written..." 
A story of desire too powerful to control. 

Check out the video at: https://youtu.be/ZM-laA_kH9A 

Touched By You Boxed Set
Books 1 – 4

Sexy billionaire, Tanner Clarke, knows he is bad for Natalie.

Natalie Baker, a young aspiring fashion designer, loves him from the moment she meets him. Even Tanner’s possessive alpha male, domineering ways don’t make her give up on the only man she will ever love. Tanner and Natalie’s international romance unfolds over 12 novellas in the Touched By You sensual romance series. Each book is a different stage in the relationship, a sensual romance filled with twists and turns.

NEW OFFER: The first 4 books available in a boxed set. They were the original story, and have a happy ending. But don’t be surprised if you want to read all 12. This new adult steamy romance will make you believe in true love!

Dark Desire (Touched By You #1)

Natalie Baker has an unforgettable sexual encounter with wealthy hero, Tanner Clarke. The passion between them ignites a flame that can’t be put out. She discovers her dark desire, and her life will never be the same in this seductive romance.

“There was something in his face. She couldn’t think the thought she grasped for. His skin was pale, and she got the impression he wasn’t out in the sun much. His baby blue eyes were so bright, they appeared luminous. And his dark brown hair shimmered with auburn highlights, here under the blaring brightness of the lobby. He was just beautiful. She’d never known a man could be beautiful, but he definitely was.”

Naked Submission (Touched By You #2)

Can Natalie submit to Tanner? The sex is hot. But she doesn’t understand her own desires anymore. Good or bad, she cannot leave the only man that can make her feel that way. Her submission affects Tanner, deeply. But will he admit to love?

“Natalie felt the heat of desire flood her body. She wanted to tell him he couldn’t bully her, but was unable to look at him, without wanting him. If he touched her, she wouldn’t be able to deny him. She thought of many things she could say. Instead, she just stood there, looking into his blue eyes, and feeling her body melt.”

The Heart’s Domination (Touched By You #3)

Natalie gave her body, but he took her heart. Does she have his? Will her love be enough for both of them? The sex gets hotter, and Tanner just might get burned.

“A white rose lay on the table beside Natalie. Swept up in the moment, Tanner had purchased the single rose from a street vendor, and presented it to her with a gallant bow. The gift signified the magic of their time together, a fairytale she never wanted to end. He didn’t only dominate her body, he dominated her heart. Alone and relaxed, looking out at the view, Natalie felt like she was in a storybook setting. Tanner chatted, and they laughed together, about silly things. Nothing that was important. He was just like any man one might fall in love with. Yet, he wasn’t.”

Bound By Love (Touched By You #4)

Natalie’s submission has Tanner’s desire spiraling out of control. She’s in touch with sexual pleasures she never dreamed of, and can’t imagine life without him. Tanner admits to his obsession with Natalie, but is that all it is?

“I never met a woman I crave, like I crave you. It’s not so much what we do, as how we do it. There are no words. It’s different with you. You excite me, and sometimes I fear I will lose control,” Tanner admitted. A desperate look came over his normally reserved features, and Natalie stopped breathing.


About the Author

Emily Jane Trent is a true romantic at heart. She writes steamy romantic stories about characters you'll get to know and love. If you like a love story with sex scenes that sizzle and a story that involves you both intellectually and emotionally, you'll find her books are for you.

Emily writes romance that brings out the depth of the characters and leads you to the happy ending - but not without emotional roller coasters along the way. You can find details as well as other insight into this author at her blog: www.EmilyJaneTrent.com

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