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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

TASTE TEST By L.B. Dunbar | Release Day and Giveaway


By L.B. Dunbar


In a modern twist of fairy tales,
what if the beast is a woman instead of a man?

Ethan Scott

I was about to find out when a mysterious job led to the secluded home of a horror novelist. I’d lost everything: my scholarship, my education, and my way. In denial of my family inheritance, I took the unusual employment as a chance out of a hole, but I found myself buried in the unknown trauma of another situation much deeper. 

Ella Vincentia

I had changed my name and my address to keep myself hidden, but my scars were more than physical. Living as a recluse in the woods, I was used to being alone, so I wasn’t happy when a certain someone was always in my space. Our first encounter was less than pleasant and tension continued at every attempt to tame me. 


I knew she was keeping secrets and I wanted to help, but she was cutting me down and cutting me off every time she opened her mouth. Our frustration with one another grew until a misunderstanding changed everything. How can I be the next guy after something so tragic? It was a challenge I wasn’t sure I was willing to take.

I knew I was taking the dirt road a bit fast, but I felt exhilarated with the prospect of my new job. It sounded simple. Cook. Live in the woods. Keep a secret. Easy. My thoughts were screaming a song in my head about freedom when I turned one of those unexpected curves in the winding drive and pulled up short in front of a girl.
I noticed her hair immediately. It was brown with reddish tints, like a perfect combination of brilliant fall leaves wild and blowing in the September afternoon air. A storm was definitely coming and I was mesmerized for a moment as the startled girl looked up at me. I couldn’t slam on the brakes of my motorcycle without flying over the handlebars, so I slowed as best I could and skidded to a halt inches before her.

“Jesus Christ,” I yelled over the dulling roar of the cycle as I yanked off my helmet, releasing my own set of wild waves. The girl was frozen like a deer in headlights looking back at me. Her bright blue eyes pierced my own deep brown ones.
“Are you okay?” I asked as I squinted with concern. She turned her head just the slightest bit and I noticed a horrid scar down the right side of her face. Three long gashes dragged down her cheek and neck, ending under her white tank top. Her bright highlighter-orange shorts and the earbuds in her ears made it obvious she had been out for a run. I flicked my glance from her scar to the shorts and back to her hair. I didn’t want to stare at her face. I knew how much I hated it when people stared at Mum and her bald head from chemotherapy. The girl’s tongue sneaked out to wet her pink lips and she bit her bottom one slightly.

I opened my mouth to speak again, but the girl bolted for the woods. She propelled herself through the greenery and disappeared before I could get off the bike. I had no idea where she went due to the thickness of the trees and shrubs. Shaking my head as if I had seen a mirage, I sat back on the motorcycle, returned my helmet to my head, and roared the bike back to full life, taking the road more slowly as I exited Winters Trail.

I was blown away by this gentle, emotional, and suspenseful book. First loves are difficult to maneuver. If you have never been in love before, you have no idea what you are in for. First of all, how can you tell the difference from a crush, lust or love? This being your first time, what do you compare it to? That moment when you realize you would give up everything for the object of your affection is the moment when you finally open you eyes and realize you are in love. Love is sacrifice that does not feel like a burden. You are willing to do whatever is necessary to bring a smile and happiness to the face of the one you love. Their happiness makes you happy, so how can it be a burden?

Ethan and Ella's story is complicated. This is not your typical boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after. Just like in real life, there are real choices and challenges to deal with. Attraction is not the one thing that draws them together. They are both at a crossroads where they are dealing with painful situations and must take charge of their lives in order to own and control their future.

This book is well written. You are swept away by the author's words and into Ethan's and Ella's reality. Empathy is not the only feeling I had for this couple. I felt like nurturing and protecting them as my own children. I also felt the anger toward the circumstances that brought both of them to their current status.

I recommend this book to those who are not only looking to read about a love affair, but also for those who seek to understand why we react the way we do to very human circumstances.

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About this Author
I’d like to say I was always a writer. I’d also like to say that I wrote every day of my life since a child. That I took the teaching advice I give my former students because writing every day improves your writing. I’d like to say I have my ten-thousand hours that makes me a proficient writer. But I can’t say any of those things. I did dream of writing the “Great American Novel” until one day a friend said: Why does it have to be great? Why can’t it just be good and tell a story?

As a teenager, I wrote your typical love-angst poetry that did occasionally win me an award and honor me with addressing my senior high school class at our Baccalaureate Mass. I didn’t keep a journal because I was too afraid my mom would find it in the mattress where I kept my copy of Judy Blume’s Forever that I wasn’t allowed to read as a twelve year old.

I can say that books have been my life. I’m a reader. I loved to read the day I discovered “The Three Bears” as a first grader, and ever since then, the written word has been my friend. Books were an escape for me. An adventure to the unknown. A love affair I’d never know. I could be lost for hours in a book.

So why writing now? I had a story to tell. It haunted me from the moment I decided if I just wrote it down it would go away. But it didn’t. Three years after writing the first draft, a sign (yes, I believe in them) told me to fix up that draft and work the process to have it published. That’s what I did. But one story let to another, and another, and another. Then a new idea came into my head and a new storyline was created. 

I was accused (that’s the correct word) of having an overactive imagination as a child, as if that was a bad thing. I’ve also been accused of having the personality of a Jack Russell terrier, full of energy, unable to relax, and always one step ahead. What can I say other than I have stories to tell and I think you’ll like them. If you don’t, that’s okay. We all have our book boyfriends. We all have our favorites. Whatever you do, though, take time for yourself and read a book.


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Cover Reveal / Polar Bared by Eve Langlais

If I was A Shifter What Animal Would I Be? 

My first choice would be a large cat. There is something about a graceful feline, one who can stealthily creep up and pounce scaring the hell out of their target. I also think the whole purring thing is cool. 

My second choice would be a bear. I mean, who would want to be cute and cuddly, while at the same time ferocious. And my third choice? A giant falcon or eagle. The ability to fly is totally awesome.


Gene only has one thing on his mind, vengeance, until Vicky crashes into his life. 

When Vicky accidentally slides into the side of a polar bear, she doesn’t expect to fall in love. Eaten yes, perhaps used as a chew toy, but become the object of a bear’s affection and lust? 

Crazy! Almost as crazy as the fact the polar bear turns out to be a man. A sexy man. A man who growls, and roars and does everything he can to chase her away. 

Only to come back. 

Poor Gene. After the pain and betrayal he suffered in the war all he wants is vengeance against the brothers who left him behind. But he’s confused when instead of wanting to punish him for his evil acts, they offer him forgiveness. 

As if that weren’t annoying enough, the cutest geek he ever met—with caramel kissed skin covering a lush, rounded figure and wearing the sexiest dark rimmed glasses—won’t leave him alone. Or more like, he can’t seem to stop following her. And it isn’t just because someone is out to hurt her. 

He wants her. But does he want her more than vengeance? 

Welcome to Kodiak Point, where the wildlife might wear clothes, but animal instinct rules the heart. 

#1 – Kodiak’s Claim 
#2 – Outfoxed By Love 
#3 – Polar Bared 
#4 – Wolf??? (Coming Dec/Jan)

Author Bio 

Hello, my name is Eve Langlais and I am an International Bestselling author who loves to write hot romance J. I should warn you, I have a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor and am known for making readers giggle with my stories. 

Do you love shapeshifters? I do, especially strong alpha males, the kind who take charge and aren’t afraid to get furry and kick ass for the one they want. 

I am also extremely partial to aliens, the kind who like to abduct humans and then drive them insane...with pleasure. 

Or do you like something a little darker, more serious? Then check out my cyborgs whose battle with humanity have captivated readers worldwide.

If you'd like to know more, read some excerpts or find out what I’m working on, then please visit me on my Website or sign up for my Newsletter . I am also extremely active on Facebook.


Linger by Lauren Jameson | Release Day Blitz, Review and Giveaway


by Lauren Jameson

From the author of Breathe and Blush comes a blisteringly hot new novel about baring it all.…

On her last night in Nevada before embarking on a yearlong veterinary internship, Scarlett Malone is celebrating—and looking for one night of incredible pleasure. But the man who draws her eye is not her usual type: He’s a cowboy whose alpha-male tendencies tempt her beyond belief. Scarlett can’t understand why she wants this man and no one else, but she’s determined to entice him to submit.…

Dr. Logan Brody lives an isolated life in rural Montana, running a ranch and suppressing his submissive tendencies. Only on his occasional trips does he give into his hidden urges. He can’t deny his scorching attraction to Scarlett or that she makes him want more, but he never lets anyone break him down fully. He’s hers for one night and one night only.

But when Scarlett shows up at Logan’s door as his intern for the year, he realizes that the walls around his heart are about to crumble—and that this sexy dominant woman has no intention of letting him keep control.…

Scarlett kept her steps slow and deliberate as she left him, though her heart was pounding in a wicked rhythm against her ribcage—a rhythm born of excitement and anticipation.

What the fuck was that?

Forcing herself not to look back, Scarlett crossed the room, her goal a table that was far enough away that it was clearly a dismissal, and yet would give her an unobstructed view.


The name suited him, suited the shadow of a beard that covered his jaw line, the attractive smirk that curled his lips, the challenge in his eyes.

She wanted another look at him.

But she would just have to wait. She was the one in control.

Hoping she was projecting outward calm, no matter how much anticipation was roiling inside her, Scarlett pulled out the tall chair, lifted herself onto it, feeling the stretch in the muscles that had once propelled her across a stage. Slowly she crossed one leg over the other, a deliberate tease, knowing the fact that she hadn’t yet looked back at him told him she didn’t care one way or another what he did.

But she did. Oh, she really, really did. And so she finally let herself look across the room, back to where she had left him.

She hadn’t given him leave to move. If he felt even half of what she did, he wouldn’t have. It was disconcerting how much she wanted him to still be there.

Deliberately torturing herself, she let her eyes skim the mosaic tiled floors. And then there he was.

He was still in place, though he had risen to his feet, staring after her. As their gaze met, Scarlett felt something tangible pulse in the air between them.

Slowly, expression wary, he dropped back down to his knees as she watched. He even went so far as to lace his hands behind his head, which told her that he was far from new to BDSM.

But he didn’t drop his eyes, instead leaving his stare fixated on her. Still, triumph washed over her, and Scarlett had to try very hard not to grin.

In Vino Veritas is the sultry BDSM Club a chosen few get to belong to in Vegas. Once again, it is means of introduction to our next unsuspecting couple. Scarlett is a young and gifted Domme, newly trained by Luca the owner of the Club. The immediate attraction she feels toward one of the guests, leaves her breathless. Her only hesitation is the vibe she gets from him that he is not a sub, but rather an alpha.

Logan is both a luscious alpha male in his daily life and a submissive in the bedroom. The combination, though unusual and troubling because of the opposites, is both enticing and challenging to Scarlett.

Their connection begins with a one-night-stand at the Club, with neither of them knowing how fate (or Luca) would intervene.

I found this story not only fascinatingly erotic, but very entertaining. Our author has in depth knowledge of our characters' psyche and what it takes to reach the most hidden secrets. The journey our two characters undertake is full of obstacles, with maximum benefits.

If you are into BDSM, it is a story you do not want to miss!

About with Lauren Jameson
Lauren Hawkeye/ Lauren Jameson never imagined that she’d wind up telling stories for a living… though when she looks back, it’s easy to see that she’s the only one who is surprised. Always “the kid who read all the time”, Lauren made up stories about her favorite characters once she’d finished a book… and once spent an entire year narrating her own life internally. No, really. But where she was just plain odd before publication, now she can at least claim to have an artistic temperament.
Lauren lives in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada with her husband, toddler, pit bull and idiot cat, though they do not live in an igloo, nor do they drive a dogsled. In her nonexistent spare time Lauren can be found knitting (her husband claims that her snobby yarn collection is exorbitant), reading anything she can get her hands on, or sweating her way through spin class. She loves to hear from her readers!

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