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Tempted by Pleasure (Secret Invitation Part One) by Devon Hart My Review

Tempted by Pleasure
(Secret Invitation Part One)
by Devon Hart
My Review


Nothing exciting happens to someone like me. I live between the lines, only dreaming about breaking the rules. My chance at love disappeared the night I left home to escape my old life.

Eight years later, I never expected that “old life” to resurface in my bookstore.

Foster Wagner is the type of man most women would crawl through fire or broken glass to possess. And judging by the way he’s staring, that danger goes both ways.

I’m in trouble.

Note: Part Two will be released within the next few weeks. 

Erin is faced with a dilemma hard to solve.  On the surface, it is only the demand from her parents that she marry the son of a close friend of theirs.  The fact that she cannot stand her intended (Thomas) makes no difference to her parents.  She is unaware of what is forcing this decision from them and when she finds out why, well you just have to read this to get the full impact.

This is an entertaining and seductive story of young woman who is secretly in love with an old high school boyfriend... but that is a love that cannot be.  Although independent at the age of twenty-four, she has always been close to her parents.  She has never disobeyed them and always acquiesced to their requests.  This is why this demand to marry is so surprising.

This story drew me in from the beginning.  Erin is a likable character.  She is so secluded from the real world, so you know there must be a reason why her personal life is so barren.  As far as work is concerned, she is pretty successful.  She owns her own bookstore, owns her own condo and car.  She works for a living and does not depend on her wealthy parents for anything but love and support.

Meeting her ex-high school boyfriend and fending off his advances once again is the highlight of this story.  Foster Wagner is still obsessed with her after eight years apart.  He can no longer deny he still longs for her and must make her his.  He will do anything to ensure this.  Defeat is not an option he accepts.

I am off to read the second book as soon as I can get my hands on it.  I am hooked with this entertaining and sensual story.  What can I say... secrets, a sex club, handsome men after Erin... I am hooked!

About the Author
Devon Hart lives in the Pacific Northwest and loves to travel. Married to her biggest fan, her husband is the inspiration behind many of her super sexy heroes. When she's not hanging out with friends or in the garden, she can be found in her favorite spot in the house reading or writing her next story.

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