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Private Property (The Private Serials #4) by Anie Michaels My Review

Private Property (The Private Serials #4)

by Anie Michaels

My Review

The fourth and final installment of The Private Serials is LIVE and just $.99!!

Private Property is the conclusion for Preston and Lena, told from the sexy POV of Preston! 

I met the woman of my dreams when her husband paid me to sleep with her.
I won the woman of my dreams when I proved to her I wasn’t the man she believed me to be.
Now, I plan on keeping the woman of my dreams by ending her husband, once and for all.
I’ve done some terrible things in the past, but this will be my darkest deed.
Regardless, if Lena is still by my side at the end, it will all be worth it.

**This is volume four of a multi-volume serial. Readers should read Private Affairs, Private Encounters, and Private Getaway before reading this novella. It is 28,000+ words. For mature readers only due to explicit sexual situations.

Preston and Lena have finally found each other and their love is growing. Paradise in Hawaii does not last long when a threat from their past makes final demands they might not be able to meet.

This is the final installment in this suspenseful double twist of a story. All cards are on the table now and everyone is fighting for their survival. No matter how much you might hate Derrek and Jessica for their deceit, the lives of their daughters are also on the line and that cannot be accepted. Scumbag ex husband that he is, he owes money to people that will not forgive and forget. By default, Preston and Lena are forced to be the unwitting enforcers.

Passionate, sensual, and full of secrets, this plotline will sweep you away and keep you at the edge of your seats.

The Private Serials

Private Property -

Check out the entire series here ($2.99 - a $.97 cent savings!):

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