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If Ever I Fall (Rhode Island Romance Book 1) by Sophia Renny Release Day and Review

If Ever I Fall 
(Rhode Island Romance Book 1) 

by Sophia Renny  

Release Day and Review


For the first time in her life, Willa is free to do as she pleases. No longer under the control of her domineering father, she seeks solitude in the Rhode Island house bequeathed to her by her aunt. But her newfound peace is soon disrupted when her well-meaning friends enter her name in a raffle for a total home makeover, and Willa wins.

Socially awkward by nature, Willa balks when she learns that the remodel will be featured as an episode for a new television reality series starring two brothers—local general contractors, Joe and Tony Rossetti. Determined to honor her aunt’s memory, she eventually agrees to move forward with the project.

When she opens her front door to the brothers on the first day of shooting, she will soon discover that she has opened the door to a man who could fulfill all the yearnings of her secret heart.

[This book is intended for mature audiences]

  Once Willa is out from under the asphyxiating fist of her father, she is able to begin a new life. Having been raised by her father as a whiz kid due to her intelligence, she has grown up without friends or any real social skills. Once her father died, she was able to build up her courage to make changes.

Aunt Pauline's passing open all sorts of doors for her. For one, the old summer cottage was now hers. What better way to start anew than to move from California to Rhode Island?

This story will tug at your heart. Willa is enveloped in the love of 3 older-lady-friends of her Aunt Pauline. They are determined to help her find herself as well as bring her out of her shell. Their scheming leads to winning a house makeover contest, meeting Joe Rosetti, and moving on planning a new life she never dreamed of.

Joe Rosetti is what Willa needs in her life. Rugged, kind, and steadfast as a rock, he brings to the story another element of a life spent in sacrifice for others. Joe's charm and gentleness is what finally draws Willa out, but unfortunately Joe is not free to express his feelings.

The writing is sometimes amusing, sometimes deep and introspective, and most definitely entertaining. There will be more stories in this series, but this book is definitely a standalone.

About the Author

Sophia Renny loves Romance, Chocolate, and Pinot Noir. When she's not writing about strong yet vulnerable men and the women who love them, she can most often be found ignoring housework for the pleasure of engaging in fierce scrabble competitions with her sweetheart. Yes, she did fall in love with him at first sight. Follow Sophia's blog for updates on future publications, book giveaways, and contests: www.sophiarenny.com

Also in this Series and 
Releasing February 25th 2015!
Chasing Julia (Rhode Island Romance Book 2)


Ever since she was five years old and smacked him on the head in the sandbox with her red plastic shovel, Julia Kelly believed that she would marry the boy next door one day. Her mother had told her so; it was destiny.
But the fates proved her mother wrong when that boy—now a man—fell in love with another woman and broke Julia’s heart.
As Julia begins to pick up the pieces, she finds comfort and strength in her friendship with another man. The more time she spends with him, the more she realizes that he has all the qualities she admires most. He has integrity. He’s strong but not afraid to show his vulnerable side. He’s smart and kind, charming and funny. He loves dogs and children. It doesn’t hurt that he’s tall, dark and handsome and very, very sexy.
There’s just one small hitch.
He’s her ex-fiancé’s younger brother.

*** Recommended for a mature audience. ***

Note: This is Book Two in the Rhode Island Romance series. While it can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone, the author suggests reading Book One, If Ever I Fall, first to fully appreciate this story.


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