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Bulletproof Weeks (When You're Gone, #2) by Taryn Elliott Review

Bulletproof Weeks 
(When You're Gone, #2)
by Taryn Elliott


Being a famous rock star for almost two decades means putting his life on display. But for the last two years Logan King has dealt with the uglier side of fame. When his stalker escalates to issuing veiled threats against the first woman he's allowed in his life, Logan locks down and shuts Izzy out. His stalker isn't just anyone—she's as famous as he is with a financial reach that makes her infinitely more treacherous.

Falling for Logan King wasn't part of Isabella Grace's plans and their spectacular public breakup didn't make it easy to move on. Whispers and pitying looks from people in her small town send her fleeing from the first place that finally feels like home. Her solace becomes her travel for work, but the niggling sense that someone is watching her follows her from city to city. When she begins to unravel the secrets that surround the man she still loves, she discovers her personal security detail and demands answers. And they all point to Logan.

Letting him back into her life comes with many more challenges–and rewards–than she could've ever dreamed. But loving a man like Logan comes at a dangerous cost. One that has a lasting effect that could echo into all their tomorrows.

Izzy is now trying to re-build her life after feeling betrayed by Logan.  Oh the life of a rock star!  His every move is subject to the paparazzi lens, and they feast on creating trouble to sell their pictures.  Never mind if what they say is true!  Truth does not sell papers or pictures!

With the shadow of Aimee's obsession over him, Logan can only do what he must - protect Izzy.  Aimee's veiled threat against Izzy's life has shaken him to the core.  He will spend his fortune protecting her from harm if it is the last thing he does. It does not matter that he has spent the last 6 months living like a hermit.  He misses her and knows he might never see her again.

Being followed by a security detail inconspicuously and unbeknownst to her, has not altered Izzy's resolve to loose herself in her work.  Fifteen trips from coast to coast in one month alone.  But she is intelligent and observant.  She catches on to what is going on and then all hell breaks loose! Watch out Logan!  You have some explaining to do!

Logan and Izzy's story continues as they battle their bruised feelings and the deep emotions they dare not face.  They love each other.  Truth has not been forthcoming from Logan and Izzy will not stop now until she finds out what the heck is going on!

I fell in love with Logan in the first book.  I gained appreciation for Izzy for her courage, honesty and vulnerability.  In this new book, I feel like I have gained true insight into the psyche of these characters.  Taryn Elliott has given us here a fabulous story of love and the incredible obstacles public figures go through in order to lead a "normal" life.  We fans need to reconsider how we ogle over them and respect the few moments they have to themselves.  As far as I am concerned, this series has blown me away with a marvelous plot line and characters.  Now waiting for March and the last book in this series Edge of Forever. 

About the Author
TARYN ELLIOTT comes from the great state of New York—upstate, thank you very much. She’s usually busy making up stories with her best friend until the wee hours of the morning, or fangirling over her favorite TV show. She falls in love with each and every one of her leading men as she writes their book, and there’s always a soundtrack to match.

She loves talking to readers, so if you’d like to reach her, please visit her website: tarynelliott.com and sign up for her newsletter, or drop her a line at: taryn@tarynelliott.com.

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