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The One Song that Epitomizes Cascades of Moonlight (Book #1 in The Parker Harris Series)

The moment I saw this topic, on a list of suggested guest posts, I knew I had to write about it.  Music has inspired many scenes in my books. There was a song that almost sounded as though it was written with Parker and Quinn in mind.   After I wrote Cascades of Moonlight, I came across it on my iPod and it made me do a double take as I listened to the words.   I had to play it on repeat several times and each time I could see Parker and Quinn's story play out in my mind.  It's a country song by Lady Antebellum called Can't Take My Eyes Off You.
I know that the bridges that I've burned 
Along the way 
Have left me with these walls and these scars 
That won't go away 
And opening up, has always been the hardest thing 
Until you came
The first verse of the song (listed above) speaks to Parker's struggles with becoming a werewolf and how she pushed everyone away (burning bridges per se) to keep her secret.  She put up walls, refusing to make new friends or let anyone in.  Being turned into a werewolf left her with physical and emotional scars that will never heal.   Opening up, sharing her secret, has been impossible.  Quinn comes into her life and he's able to break down her walls and help her open up to new possibilities.
So lay here, beside me, just hold me, and don't let go 
This feeling, I'm feeling, is something I've never known 
And I just can't take my eyes off you 
And I just can't take my eyes off you
The refrain (above), in true romance fashion, speaks of how safe she feels in Quinn's arms.  The first time she is experiencing feelings of love, the way she gets lost in him. She is always watching him.  She speaks of his dimples, his adorable half smile, his emerald green eyes, his movements, and his body.  She seems to never take her eyes off of him when he is around.
I love when you tell me that I'm pretty 
When I just woke up 
And I love how you tease me when I'm moody 
But it's never too much 
I'm falling fast, but the truth is I'm not scared at all 
You climbed my walls 

The second verse (above), speaks to their relationship quirks.  Parker has a tendency to fly off the handle when she is stressed out or scared.  More than once, she lashes out at Quinn and he loves to tease her until he can force a smile out of her.  Quinn is the first one to get through to Parker.  He convinces her to let him in, he 'climbs her walls' that others can never seem to breach.  I can't think of a more perfect song than this one to describe the first book of the series.  Heck, there's no way I could've written a more perfect song than this one!

Cascades of Moonlight
The Parker Harris Series Book 1
Pages: 259
Publication Date: May 13, 2012

***UPDATED VERSION 07/11/13****
Parker Harris was a normal teenage girl with a normal teenage life. That was true until two years ago when she was bitten by a werewolf, forcing her to endure the painful shifting each month during the full moon. She has kept this secret from everyone she loves. One day a stranger enters her small town and knows this secret. Nothing ever happens in the small town of Cascade Idaho, and new people rarely move in, but its Parker's senior year now and two new faces show up in town.  Shortly after their arrival, there is a brutal murder which becomes the first in Cascades history.

Dreams, Spells, and Moonlit Tales 
The Parker Harris Series Book 2
Pages: 278
Publication Date: December 18, 2012

Parker Harris desires a normal life, but it's just not in the cards for her. Parker is a werewolf. She has been for three years now. It’s the summer after she graduated high school and she is preparing for college. If only grades and college classes were her only worries. Parker and Jackie are trying to mend their fractured friendship from her betrayal. Jackie and Mitchell are working on their relationship, fighting jealousy and trust issues of their own. Quinn, a vampire, is the love of Parker’s life. He begins to look into his family’s past and what he finds is not pretty. In fact, it could mean the end for his relationship with Parker. A mistake from Parker's past is revealed and proves to be more enormous than she realized. Dreams—Parker is having dreams and visions of Will. She can’t decipher real from illusion it seems. Spells—Charisma, a new friend to the group, brings magic into the fold. Moonlit Tales—it seems that the full moon is not only a time for Parker to feel the pain of shifting. It’s also a time for unexplained occurrences and secrets being revealed. Can Parker and Quinn's love survive the obstacles they encounter? Is Jackie trustworthy? Are Parker’s feelings for Mitchell becoming too strong for her to ignore? Dreams, Spells, and Moonlit Tales summarize the events of Parker's life in this book.

The Dark Moon
 The Parker Harris Series Book 3
Pages: 251
Publication Date: May 5, 2013

This book picks up from the moment we left off in book two. Quinn received a call from Parker stating Will is alive. Quinn drops everything to rush to her aid. Will he make it in time or will his father stop him? Parker and Mitchell's feelings are not going away and they begin to take a toll on Mitchell's relationship with Jackie. Everyone seems to have a secret they are keeping from Parker and it seems they have feel "there's something she should know" and now is the time. Parker is overwhelmed with all the new information coming her way. Parker's secret life as a werewolf is on the brink of being exposed.

The Cold Moon 
The Parker Harris Series Book #3.5
 YA Paranormal
Releasing: Aug 22

This is a story told from Mitchell's point of view. This is Book 3.5 in The Parker Harris Series. This novella is broken into three parts: The Change: In this portion we will learn what events happened leading to Mitchell's change into a vampire and how he dealt with it. Lupita and Fangs: The story of how their friendship blossomed into something more. What Happens Next: The lead in to the spin-off series, The Crispin Sinclair Chronicles. We'll learn what happened to the fab four after The Dark Moon ended. We'll also meet a new character who will be pivotal to Crispin's story

The Shimmering Pool
The Crispin Sinclair Chronicles Book #1 
(spin-off from Parker Harris)
 YA Fantasy
Releasing: Oct

Crispin Sinclair isn't your average teenage boy. He inherited precognitive dreams from his mother who died during childbirth. His other unique quality was inherited from his father; Crispin is a werewolf. Growing up as a supernatural being in a world that doesn't know they exist is difficult to say the least. Crispin's been lucky that his family is made up of supernaturals; witches, vampires, and werewolves. As he begins to obtain his werewolf abilities, his life will be thrown into turmoil placing everyone he loves in danger.

Amytha Roberts feels like the most ordinary girl in the world. She was adopted at age five but not by your traditional idea of parents; her mom's a werewolf and her dad's a vampire. Amytha's best friend Crispin is a werewolf with futuristic dream abilities, while she is a normal sixteen year old girl surrounded by paranormal beings. Stories of Amytha's past begin to surface causing her family to investigate more into where she came from.

Crispin and Amytha take turns telling this story of being in a family that you choose, being abnormal in a normal world, and the importance of friendship. Together they will go on adventures into a faraway place where they'll encounter new creatures and discover truths they never imagined.

Author Bio

Amy McClung was born in Nashville, TN. She is the second oldest of four girls. She married Daniel McClung in September 2005 and they currently reside just outside of Nashville. She graduated from Father Ryan High School in 1996. In 2002 obtained her general certification in medical coding and billing and in 2009 she obtained a specialty certification in Hospital medical coding and billing. Amy and her husband are both fans of fantasy novels as well as avid movie collectors. The Parker Harris Series is the first series of books by this author. Cascades of Moonlight is Book #1, Dreams, Spells, and Moonlit Tales is Book #2, and The Dark Moon Book #3 and The Cold Moon Book #3.5 a Novella from Mitchell's POV. Her second series is a New Adult Contemporary Romance, The Southern Devotion Series, with each book having as a standalone novel with crossover characters. The first book in that series is For the Love of Gracie. Curves in the Road is her newest release as Book 3 in the NA series. Her favorite past times include watching movies, drawing, and reading fantasy novels. Her first book was a means of therapy for her as it enabled her to escape reality for a while during a difficult transition in her life. Her current work in progress is a spin-off of The Parker Harris Series called "The Crispin Sinclair Chronicles" that will be released in October 2014 as a YA Fantasy series. 

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