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LEAH'S SEDUCTION PARTS ONE, TWO AND THREE by Emily Jane Trent | Teasers and Review

by Emily Jane Trent

Series Description: 

“Leah’s Seduction” is a steamy romance between Gianni Rinaldi, a successful New York businessman, and Leah Ivers, a college graduate pursuing a career in marketing. They meet when their careers collide, and Gianni is intent on discovering if Leah is the author of a journal that has fallen into his hands. The pages are filled with handwritten confessions of a woman’s fantasies, and Gianni becomes obsessed with both the journal, and the woman he believes wrote it. The story unfolds over a series of novellas. Each is an episode in the ongoing tale of seduction into the secrets of the fashion industry, and the temptations of love.

Gianni Rinaldi was introduced in the Touched By You series, the endearing romance of Tanner and Natalie. He was the owner of GR Showroom, and showcased Natalie’s fashions. He was a source of jealousy for Tanner, although his relationship with Natalie was strictly professional. But he was deeply involved in his own romance, which you can now read about in “Leah’s Seduction.”

Having lost her personal journal, our main character Leah is worried someone might read it. Do you keep a journal? I would die if someone found my journal and read my most intimate thoughts and fantasies!

Gianni finds her journal by sheer accident. Serendipity is at work here! Curiosity gets the best of him and he starts reading it... HOT! Being a Dom, he is surprised that the woman who has written this book matches his needs perfectly. Now, if he could only find this woman, seduce her, and make her his.

Again serendipity takes a hand as chance meeting at a fashion gathering brings our two characters together. The rest is history! They are both immediately attracted to each other. Although they are definitely two opposites, this is the compelling reason for the attraction. He is so self assured and in control; she is shy and insecure.

Gianni and Leah are both immersed in a sexual relation like they have never experienced before. No commitments is the word of the day, though. Can you really become so intimate with someone without losing your heart in the process? It takes a lot of trust for a power exchange sexual relationship to succeed. Our two characters are about to find out.

This new series by Emily Jane Trent is the best yet. I adore her writing. She takes me by the hand and guides me through all the intricacies of her complex novels and I follow in pure delight.

About the Author 

Emily Jane Trent is a true romantic at heart. She writes steamy romantic stories about characters you'll get to know and love. If you like a love story with sex scenes that sizzle and a story that involves you both intellectually and emotionally, you'll find her books are for you.

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