Saturday, September 20, 2014


by Helen Cooper

Alpha Billionaire, Part 2 is the second book in the USA Today Bestselling series Alpha Billionaire. This is a three part serial.

Just who are Grant Slate and Tyler?

Evie Johnson decided to be the bad girl when she went home with Grant Slate. After a sexy night, she's not prepared for the warnings Tyler gives her about his billionaire boss.

Evie isn't sure who to trust and she's not sure why she's so attracted to Tyler, with his alert and guarded blue eyes. When she finds a stack of letters that tell of a mystery Evie finds herself wanting to find out exactly what's going on. Only as she digs deeper, she finds herself more caught up with both Grant and Tyler.

What game are the two wolves playing with her and will Evie cross a line that will forever change her life?

Readers should be 18 and over due to mature language and situations.

There is no way  these two men, Grant and Tyler, could get any creepier!  Things are definitely NOT as they seem.  What is it with them and keeping women to play their games with?  And what exactly are these games?

This series by Helen Cooper is a warning to us women.  NEVER, EVER, have a one night stand with a stranger!  NEVER, EVER, ABSOLUTELY EVER, during that one night stand go with that stranger to his home.  ARE YOU COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR MIND?

Now I was a young woman during the era of the sexual revolution... yes, I am that old.  I have prided myself with being very open minded and going with the flow.  I have immense tolerance and appreciation of letting everyone have their freedom.  As long as they don't endanger others, it is consensual, and they don't break the laws, eh, who am I to judge?  Go for it!  But one night stands scare the "bee-joovies" out of me!  In my time, there was a movie called "Looking for Mr. Goodbar".  Once I saw it, I was cured. Never did I let anyone I did not know take me home. Ahem!

Evie is either a total innocent/naive chick, or she is "scared stupid".  She needs to wise up!  These two men talk in riddles and give away nothing.  She already has found letters from Eugenie and they should serve as a warning.  Please, girl, just try and run away from this place!  Mystery or not... did you not know curiosity killed the cat?!!!

For those of you who have not read this series yet, be warned.  This is DARK and the dark will lure you in, just like it happened to me.  I am biting my nails waiting for Part III so I can make sure Evie gets away!

You should read PART ONE!

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