Sunday, February 9, 2014

NEW RELEASE and REVIEW; SPECIAL PRICE 99 CENTS; The Private Club by J.S. Cooper and Helen Cooper

Title: The Private Club (Part One of Three)
Author: J.S. Cooper and Helen Cooper
Genre: New Adult / Coming of Age
Released: February 5, 2014


The Private Club is a three book erotic romance novella serial.

What happens at the private club stays at the private club!

When Meg Riley lost her job as an attorney, she never thought she'd end up working for a private club. But when she met the handsome and elusive, Greyson Twining, she knew she couldn't turn the job down; even though she didn't really know what the position entailed.

Greyson Twining is the owner of the private club and he knows that it's a mistake to hire, Meg. However, there is something about the way she smiles at him that makes him forget his own reservations. And then there's the call from, Brandon Hastings telling him not to hire Meg. A call he should have listened to more closely.

As, Meg and Greyson embark on day one of training, neither of them realize that there are secrets about to come out that will completely alter both of their lives.


I LOVED THE EX GAMES by J.S. Cooper and Helen Cooper. Now the story continues as Meg, Katie's best friend, goes searching for a temporary job as a bartender at The Private Club.

There is a link between The Private Club and Katie's love Brandon. Meg discovers this immediately as she is interviewing for the job. But... what job is she really interviewing for? Greyson, the owner, will not say. With his suave and electric charisma he has Meg over a barrel!

Girl, I say run before you find out what he has in mind for you! Too late!!

These are some of the most erotically, mind-f***ing scenes I have ever read. There is a new shade of Grey here... and it is just as titillating!

This is part one of a 3 part series! All parts will be released during this month of February so you will not have to wait

About the Author

J. S. Cooper is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She is a true romantic that is in love with love. The J. S. stands for Jaimie Suzi. She just thought J. S. sounded cooler! J. S. was born in London, England and moved to the States at age 17. She studied history in college and then went to law school and then decided to follow her writing dreams. J. S. writes 'New Adult' contemporary romance books because that is what she also loves to read.

Available Books: The Last Boyfriend, The Last Husband, Before Lucky, The Other Side of Love, Zane & Lucky's First Christmas, Crazy Beautiful Love, Scarred, and Healed.
Upcoming books: Finding My Prince Charming, If Only Once (The Martelli Brothers), Everlasting Sin, The Rebel Next Door and Hot Prof.

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