Saturday, February 22, 2014

IGC: Snapshot Scavenger Hunt Winners!!! @IndieGirlCON

IGC: Snapshot Scavenger Hunt Winners! 

We had so much fun hosting this awesome IGC Event that we had to participate ourselves!  You can check out all of our own Tweets by clicking #AYWRBloggerSisters.

Here are the final numbers for the Scavenger Hunt Event:

The 3 top teams will receive the following prizes:
Made by Cassie's Crafty Creations
Note: Key chains & necklaces may vary in design/photos used. 

Team Name
Team Name
Team Name
And lastly our random prize winners! These winners had us cracking up laughing, swooning or doing a double take while we were trolling Twitter watching the Snapshot Scavenger Hunt go viral!!!

Each received one (1) of the Magnets below made by Cassie's Crafty Creations.

 We hope that your teams had as much fun doing the scavenger hunt as we had watching you guys doing it throughout the event. It was so much fun following the tweets posted and seeing all the photos taken! Hopefully we can do it again at next year's IndieGirl CON Event!!!

We wanted to give a "Great Big Shout Out" to the authors who joined in as scavenger hunt items!  Many were responsible for getting creative and coming up with the item we put on the list and there were quite a few incredible ideas! Click here and troll Twitter yourself to see all the wild and crazy snapshots: #IGCON2014!!! We also want to thank both Melissa Andrea and Tabatha Vargo for inviting us to host the Snapshot Scavenger Hunt at the First Annual IndieGirl CON Event in Charleston, SC this year! And last but not least "Thank You" to all the Teams that registered to participate in the Snapshot Scavenger Hunt, the event would not have been a success without you!!!

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