Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cover Reveal / Silva by Arielle Caldwell


Silva-(ˈsɪlvə) — n, pl- vas, -vae/ The trees growing in a particular region. 

Gemma has just graduated college. As a gift, her parents send her and her five best friends to Europe for the summer. They bounce from hostel to hostel as they backpack across France and Italy.

On the news, a picture flashes of a convicted murderer who’s escaped from a local asylum. The towns are told to lock up and a curfew goes into effect as the manhunt begins. The hostels force everyone out, including Gemma and her friends.

With nowhere to take them in and still a few days until their flight home, they decide to go camping in the forest they saw on their
way into town. They liven up the mood by playing a game of hide and seek; going deeper into the forest than they had planned- ending up at an abandoned cabin. After a night of drinking, they pass out but wake up in the morning to a scene of pure horror, and are left running for their lives in a forest unknown to them where no one can hear their screams for help.

What was supposed to be a fun vacation for the group has turned into the worst of nightmares. Can they make it out alive?

Arielle Caldwell is going to be writing Silva, a horror novel, in April for Camp NaNo. This will be her first horror book. This one is the special edition created by Sprinkles on Top Studios and she did a fantastic job! Make sure to follow her on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with upcoming release dates! Also, be sure to check out her website or reach her through email.

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