Friday, February 7, 2014

Cover Reveal / Reclaiming Souls by Arielle Caldwell


When a person dies, sometimes, they are given judgment and sent straight to heaven or hell. Most sit in purgatory while a select few are given a second chance at life. If they screw up and awaken the monster that sleeps dormant inside us all, it’s my job to reclaim their soul and set the balance of nature right again. My name is Devalynn Rose. After my death, I have been tasked as a Soul Collector.

Kale swept into my afterlife when he got his second chance. While watching his judgment, I cannot unlock my eyes from his. I am left stunned with feelings of déjà vu.

Kellin is also a Collector. We connect on a deeper level and I can’t help the feelings that overwhelm me for him.

Reclaiming souls is a faulty system that desperately needs repair. I am left with two lose my memory and reform the system or keep my memory and nothing changes. With time ticking away, I need to make a choice...but which one?

Follow Devalynn as she fights her way through her afterlife and tries to save those that mean the most to her.

It didn’t take long for my heart to stop beating. My eyes closed for the last time and death became me...but it wasn’t the end of my life. ~Devalynn

Arielle Caldwell participated in NaNoWriMo in November. Reclaiming Souls is the finished product. It’s a New Adult Paranormal novel releasing soon. There will be 2 covers for this story. This one is the special edition created by Sprinkles on Top Studios and she did a fantastic job! Make sure to follow her on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with upcoming release dates! Also, be sure to check out her website or reach her through email.

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