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Spotlight | Shadow Allegiance (Unholy Alliance) by @2siswrite

Shadow Allegiance
Author: Lacy Yager & Lacy Williams
Genre: YA action romance
Length: 45,000 words
Publisher: Self-Published
Released: Dec 15, 2013


They were her enemies. Until she became one of them.

A Chaser born to kill vampires, sixteen-year-old Rachel Campton has grown up in her older brother's shadow. Until she wakes up a vampire, her own mortal foe. She's stronger, faster than her human self, but haunted by bloodlust and the loss of her beloved younger sister. Friendless and lost in enemy territory, Rachel must rely on Alex Wellington, a former nemesis and centuries old vampire who looks like a college football player.

As Rachel goes deep into vamp territory, she learns there is more to the vampire life than killing humans. She also discovers another side to Alex. He is more than a murderer, he is someone that she starts to fall for. Rachel faces the ultimate choice--her new life and unexpected love or the family she left behind, the family that may now want her dead.


"I thought we weren't gonna talk until later tonight? Couldn't wait that long, huh?"

I thrill to the sound of Shane—my boyfriend's!—voice through the tinny cell connection. At the same time, my stomach clenches painfully.

I hover just outside the rec room, hiding when I should be in there. But I have to tell Shane what’s going on.

Our relationship is still so brand-new and uncertain. We met as enemies, but fell in love anyway.

I'm afraid that what I'm about to tell him is going to kill his feelings for me.


"Rachel's gone."

There is a moment of intense silence, then he curses softly.

I glance into the rec room and see Hannah, my best friend and witch, comforting a teary Chloe, while Lily looks on awkwardly. Our human sidekick has proved invaluable, even though I never would have thought it before everything that happened six weeks ago.

I slip farther down the hall, farther from the girls, so they won't hear the yelling I’m sure is coming.

With what I know about his temper, I expect it.

And this time, I deserve it. Rachel's disappearance is my fault. Why didn't I take more precautions to keep Rachel inside our safe zone?

"What do you mean, gone? Like gone to a movie, or…"

I wish.

"She snuck out about three this morning."

The silence stretches painfully before he speaks. His voice is low and dangerous. "Why didn't you call me sooner?"

Because I wanted to fix it first.

"I thought maybe she'd just gone to the corner convenience store—you know, just to prove she could. She's been fidgety lately, being cooped up in this place. And rules aren't exactly her favorite thing."

I pause, but he doesn't break in and tell me that everything will be all right.

"Besides," I continue, "what are you going to do from Texas?"

He is intensely silent again. I know I've put my foot in my mouth, reminding him how far away he is from the sisters he loves so much. For a control freak, just getting him to leave them in my care was a huge accomplishment.

And now I've failed them all.

"Do you have any idea where she might've gone?" His voice is hard and tight.

I wish I could see him. I wish he would forgive me.

"Lily saw her getting on a plane to the U.K."

"What was Lily doing at the airport? Why didn't she stop Rachel?"

I backtrack. "Lily hacked in to the airport security system and found Rachel on a camera, boarding the plane."

"She hacked in? Isn't that illegal?"

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Author Bio
Lacy Yager is a pen name for Lacy Williams, a wife and mother from Oklahoma. As a child, her dad read Louis L'Amour westerns as bedtime stories and she credits those memories with her love of writing action-packed romances. She loves bad-boy heroes and heroines who kick butt.

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