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Release Event | Stepping Off A Cliff by @Doug__Dillon

Title: Stepping Off A Cliff
The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book II
Author: Doug Dillon
Genre: YA Paranormal
Length: 321 Pages
Release: November 11, 2013
Presented by: As You Wish Tours


An otherworldly, evil and dangerous force infests America’s oldest and most haunted city, St. Augustine, Florida. Everyone living there, or visiting, is at risk in ways too horrible to imagine.

Standing between this invader and the people of St. Augustine are teenagers Jeff and Carla, the mysterious Native American shaman, Lobo, and Lyle, the homeless guy.

In their quest to save themselves and all the inhabitants of this ancient, Florida city, Jeff and Carla uncover lost parts of St. Augustine history, push past the limits of space and time, and encounter what they come to realize are the true walking dead.


On most of our walk through the neighborhood, Lobo never said a word. So much for the “chatting” part our little journey Carla mentioned. But in that silence I realized I had a lot of questions to ask Lobo about my mom’s appearance. The thing is, I didn’t want to be the one to speak first. Our little outing was his project, not mine. I wanted to see what he had to say first.

But when we got to Osceola Street and Lobo jerked a thumb to the right, I stopped walking. “Why do you want to go down there?” I asked, getting the chills just thinking about turning that corner.

“Why not? Lobo fired back, his rough voice full of challenge.

“You wanted to talk, so let’s talk.” I had no patience for any of his little word games. Not that day.

“Afraid of seeing your old house, are you?”

“Come on, Lobo, it’s just too soon that’s all. There’s no reason to go there now.”

“On the contrary. We have every reason. Your mother’s warning a short time ago tells me we have no time to waste.”

“A warning about what?” My irritation showed in my voice. The nervousness about going back to my house so soon was really getting to me. But Lobo’s use of the word “warning” definitely caught my attention.

About the Author
Doug Dillon has been writing for adults and young people since 1984, especially in the paranormal realm. An award winning educator, he spent many years as a classroom teacher, school administrator, and coordinator of programs for high-risk students. Prentice Hall, Harcourt, Mitchell Lane Publishers, Boys' Life magazine, Learning Magazine and The Orlando Sentinel have all published his work.

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