Saturday, November 9, 2013

IGC: Snapshot Scavenger Hunt | Participating Authors & Registered Teams #IndieGirlCON

So as we get fired up for IndieGirl Con 2014......we've got some pretty excited ladies.  Here is an update on the current Authors involved in the Scavenger Hunt! And a list of current teams including team #Hashtags that will be used so you can follow along - we are expecting things to get a little wild and crazy!   If you haven't registered your team online then check out IGC: Snapshot Scavenger Hunt for the rules and how to sign up!

As of today we have the following authors who are acting as scavenger hunt items....this means that teams will have to do something to them ,with them or have something done by them!


JA Huss
Kellee Gilmore
Felicia Lynn
AnnaLisa Grant
Kristie Cook

If you are an author or know of an author who wants to participate as a scavenger item...has ideas they would like to share with us...or would like to donate to help cover the cost of the prizes.  We will be awarding 3 teams of 4 and 4-6 individuals for creative snapshots prizes. If interested in any of the above please fill out the form here: IGC: Snapshot Scavenger Hunt Authors.

Attending Guests! Yeah we are talking to you, going to IndieGirl CON 2014? We need your participation - You do not want to miss this! Get signed up today!  Len & I will update the list as teams sign up!

Coming soon...

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