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Blog Tour / Insanely Drawn by Dani Morgan

Welcome to the blog tour of Insanely Drawn! This amazing debut novel is being published through Moon Rose Publishing on the 15th July 2013, and is one worth picking up. A psychological thriller with a paranormal twist, we guarantee you won’t be able to put this one down! Scroll down to find out more, and get ready to add this to your summer reading!

Guest Post with Dani Morgan

Why Do I Write?

People constantly ask why do you write, what inspired you to write. This is a hard question as there is no acceptable answer or one that I can form that can truly make someone else understand. Why do I breathe? Why do I drink or eat? It’s just part of me, who I am. When I didn’t have time to write, when that part of me was taken away during my ill-fated marriage, I felt as if some part of me was missing or worse yet, died.

My whole life I have created these worlds in my head and on paper. It’s there that I feel most at home. I am given the opportunity to be anything, do anything unlike real life. I think that is a huge reason people read in the first place, to escape. Well, that is why I write, to escape.

As an only child, I think my imagination had to serve as a playmate from an early age. There was no one around so I made them up. Doing this on a daily basis trained my mind always see an adventure and an alternate world in every situation. 

When I was old enough to write, I simply put them down on paper. Well, back then, spiral notebooks that I hid under my bed. As I grew up and made friends, I shared these worlds with them, and to my surprise, they loved them. I became known in my circle for this ability and wrote 5 to 10 page notes for them every day with different stories. Oh, if only I still had some of them… sigh.

As I grew, the level of these stories matured. No matter how hard life’s struggles became, I was always able to retreat to where I was in charge and controlled the outcome. HOW PERFECT WAS THAT?

Marriage ended my writing for a while, as my everyday world now was filled to the brim with drama of its own. But that was merely a seven year pit stop and when it was over, well, I was back in the race. 

It was then that I knew what I wanted. I had been writing for me and my friends long enough. It was now time to put myself out there and let the world inside my head. I have just entered the most exciting, yet scary time of my life and hopefully taking this leap of faith will only just be the beginning of a whole new chapter in the story of my life.


Your first job out of college. It’s supposed to be a stepping stone or a transitional job, not the single defining decision that will alter the course of your entire life. Sienna Kennedy never signed on for the craziness, danger and even love that her new job thrust into her world. 

But she didn’t run either. 

Assigned to a maximum security floor of Western State Hospital for the mentally ill, the last thing she expected to encounter was a reminder of her past. 

Cade Collins’ animal magnetism draws her into an unseen world filled with creatures from her wildest imagination. Discovering his story, as well as the very institution in which she works, becomes her obsession. Her every waking moment is consumed with unearthing a way to free the man that has stolen her heart, body and mind. 

The secrets Sienna finds will free them of their bonds…or lead them to their doom. Fate flung the two destined souls together, but how can any love survive in such a demented place, filled with peril and danger?

Author Bio

I was always the girl who spent most of her life living in her head, even at an early age. My made up worlds were so much more interesting than real life. In them, anything was possible. I could be a reckless archaeologist digging up a mummy who came to life, terrorize a medieval village by drinking all their blood, start an intergalactic war between rival planets, or ride a wild stallion with a hunky Native brave clad only in a breech cloth, all within the course of a weekend.

Life didn’t stay simple. I had to grow up, get a job, became a wife and mother and put all my dreams on hold. After a change in my life, I found myself a single mom who had plenty of time to fall back into the land of make believe.

One night I opened up my computer and soon several novels were penned. Now I have embarked on a journey to become the person I always envisioned myself to be, an author, sharing my crazy ideas with the world.

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