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Solstice: A Vampire Tale
By Bryan W. Dull 
Jan. 18, 2013


In Gavin Moxley's world, there is no thin line between right and wrong. In a personal crusade to help sever a line of disease carried by a clan of vampires; Gavin has no choice to be ruthless. The Vampires are purposely infecting the human population…waiting for humans to actively pass it on to each other. Gavin takes no chances and executes them one by one. Not strong or powerful, finding humans before they turn into full vampires is ideal and Gavin’s best bet. 

Yes, this is Gavin’s life… 

…And nothing ever changes it until a young half breed vampire with special abilities, Solstice, attaches and makes herself a fixture in his life when she asks for his help and protection and when a reluctant Gavin agrees he joins a dangerous game of cat and mouse. There is no safe place and the pair are constantly watching their backs. Torn between his hate and his love for Solstice Gavin is thrown into a moral dilemma that only he can figure out but two things are clear… 

His faith and Humanity are being tested and the past is not always forgotten.


I stood up, facing Solstice and the stairs behind her. I looked over my right shoulder to the end of the hallway. The woman in the blue dress had turned around and was staring at us. I twisted the rest of my body around to face her. I could feel Solstice grabbing at me to stand up. I had two rooms to my left and my right. In my peripheral view, I could see the ladies in their bed. They raised the upper part of their bodies. I had never been so scared in my life. They didn’t even bend their knees to sit up. They sat up in their beds and looked forward towards the walls of their respective rooms. The room to my left with the blonde woman seemed to grow darker, as did the other. A set of long, blood laden fingers reached around the side of the door. There was still flesh embedded in the fingernails. I could hear the bed creaking as the body of the hand that grasped the left side of the door moved. My skin started to crawl. I soon saw the black, dangling, oily hair come into view. Her face started to appear from the side. I tried to keep an eye on all of the bodies that I saw on the floor. The woman’s full face came into frame. Her eyes were big, not blinking. Then I could see her mouth, and it was smiling. It was smiling the whole time. From the time she awoke until the time she revealed herself. She liked something. 

The blanket that belonged to the woman with the blonde hair fell down around to her waist, revealing her implanted breasts. The woman on the right side of me had a shirt and panties on. The woman in the blue dress stepped forward. Her bones popped when she moved. They were all smiling at me as they crept slowly out of their resting areas towards us. 

I grabbed Solstice, who was now clinging to me. “On the count of three you need to run and not look back,” I told her. I took her slight head movement as an indication that she understood. 

“One,” I started counting. The woman nearest the door on the left had her fangs out and her other hand came to grab the edge of the door. I could hear a hissing sound coming from her. 

The woman in blue started moaning. Not a dreadful moaning. More like an orgasmic moan. It was terrifying to me. She walked closer to me and I could see her fangs too. They still had blood on them from her apparent last victim. 

“Two,” I continued. The dark haired woman came around the edge of the door and started to climb the wall next to me. Like a spider, she moved across the wall staring at me. The women in the beds simultaneously jerked their heads towards me and started to wail like banshees. I’ve never seen this before; this type of behavior coming from vampires. Even recently turned vampires don’t act this predatory. I covered my ears because I thought I would go deaf. 

“THREE!” I yelled. 

Solstice immediately dashed down the stairs. The woman in blue started to dash towards me and the women who were in their beds came out. They weren’t looking at me, they were watching Solstice. I took a cue from Solstice and started toward the stairs. 

Looking back on the situation, it seemed like the entire ordeal was being played in slow motion. When I reached the top of the staircase, the vampire that was scaling the wall jumped on my back, wailing. I lost my control while trying to get her off of me. I twisted my ankle and went tumbling down the stairwell. The vampire that was clung to me was still attached even as I fell. 

I went reaching for the holiday lights to stop from falling anymore. I couldn’t get a good grasp. I was halfway down the stairs by the time I finally did get a grasp of something. When I came to a halt from tumbling, the vampire, whom was nude now that I got a good look at her, was hanging onto my leg and was climbing up it. She looked middle aged. Aged to the point where she had no business being naked at all, even when she was alive. 

I looked above me and saw the other three vampires fighting each other to get down the stairs. I looked back down at the vampire clinging to me. I took my right foot and started kicking her in the head to get her off of me. “Get the fuck off of me!” I shouted. She still had that evil grin on her face. I was going to kick that smile right off her damn face. After the third kick, she fell down the rest of the stairs and slid into the light that was coming from the cracked door. 

I could hear her screaming as her head landed in the beam of the light. Steam rose from her head from the top to above her mouth. She was flailing around, convulsing. I had no time to watch. I stood back up and thought; for a second, that I would make it out of the whorehouse alive. I went to run down the stairs and to my surprise fell down again. To my behest, I had sprained my ankle and it hurt like hell when I stepped down. I went down like a wet blanket. I tumbled down, watching my world spin with me. The last thing I remember was landing next to the naked vampire whose head looked like someone stepped on it. I couldn’t get up. I think I blacked out. I could hear the wailing of the feral vampires in the short distance. I couldn’t help but dream, even for the short time that I was unconscious.

Author Bio:

Currently living in Cincinnati, OH with his wife (and fellow author Brandy Michelle) and their daughter. Bryan W. Dull goes leaps and bounds to get away from the norm and be his own person; with himself and his writing. Since middle school he has always known what he was good at: entertaining and telling stories. He has been consistently writing and coming up with plots for the last twenty years, but just recently decided to share one with the world. His first novel, “Solstice” is a vampire book inspired by his daughter and noir literature. Born in Anderson, IN, Bryan has also lived in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina (where “Solstice” is based). 

Being a lover of all things art and pop culture “nerdism”; his interests lie in film, television, comics, games, anime, and books. For a short while, Bryan dabbled in voice acting work only to shift his focus to his family and writing. His favorite authors include; Chuck Palahniuk, Robert Kirkman, Clive Barker, Ernest Cline, and Neil Gaiman.

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What is being said about SOLSTICE

“A modern twist to vampire lore this book will not disappoint.” Paranormal Reads Blog 

“An action-packed race to the finish line.” Lisa Rayns (author of A Destined Death) 

“This is a fantastic story that does not sugar coat vampires and shows them as the monsters they are.” Book Mews & Tattle Tails Blog 

“Gripping… Leaves you wanting more!” Mary Ting (best selling author of the Crossroads Saga) 

“There is action that will leave you panting as to who will be the victor.” Read Me Reviews Blog 

“Bryan Dull has produced a very successful debut novel on that I would most definitely recommend to paranormal and horror lovers!” Bex & Books Blog 

Solstice provides a great deal of action /horror/ friendship and aspects of love. Pretty much ticking all of the boxes” Addicted to Books Book Review Blog 

“My interest is peaked I enjoyed what I read and I WANT MORE!” 1000+ Books to Read Blog 

“I have to say this was one of the most creative and dark vampire books I have read in a while and I loved that about it.” Delphina Reads Too Much Blog 

“A fantastical story which faces one and even more of our evils in today's society.” Lovetiggi Book Reviews Blog 

“This story had me laughing, crying and gripping my seat every inch of the way.” Beth Wright (author of Vultar's HeartBody and Soul Mate Series) 

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