Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay is LIVE!

The Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay is LIVE!

This isn’t a holiday romance. No one’s on holiday and Hayden Wolf isn’t romantic.

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Avery carries with her the guilt of not having protected her brother Michael. Seven years ago, they went diving in an area where diving was forbidden. He accidentally broke his back and has been in a wheelchair ever since.

Although Michael continues to make progress, the medical bills not covered by the insurance company are high. She has been working as a yacht stewardess ever since the accident hoping to provide enough money to help her father make ends meet. She works constantly with little time off or any time for socializing or personal fun.

Hayden has booked a yacht for two months in order to work on a very confidential acquisition. In the past year, he has lost several opportunities to an enemy and he is sure there must be a mole in his company selling the information. This new acquisition will be the most significant purchase his company has ever made. It is no longer a matter of pride to succeed but a matter of survival for his company.

These two characters have so much in common. In their loneliness, they forge a friendship that quickly develops into an attraction they cannot contain. As the plot thickens, Avery and Hayden must learn to trust, hope, and allow their hearts to lead the way.

I loved this story. It is well written and full of the emotions that make a great romance novel. Enjoy!

I am voluntarily reviewing this book. Thank you to the author for sharing a copy with me.

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