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SINNER by Sierra Simone is now available!



by Sierra Simone

Release Date: March 15th
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Designer: Letitia Hasser from RBA Designs



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I’m not a good man, and I’ve never pretended to be. I don’t believe in goodness or God or any happy ending that isn’t paid for in advance.
What do I believe in? Money. Sex. Macallan 18.
They have words for men like me—playboy. Womanizer. Skirt chaser.
My brother used to be a priest, and he only has one word for me.

***Sinner is a standalone companion to Priest about Father Bell's brother Sean. You do not have to read Priest or Midnight Mass to read Sinner.***

“Zenny,” I mumble against her lips, some valiant part of me recognizing that this is far, far beyond the kiss she asked for, and also recognizing that I’m going to come all over the inside of my Hugo Boss suit pants if she keeps it up. Even through the clothes, I can feel her heat, her shameless rolls hinting at where she goes soft and wet between her legs.
Fuck, I want to see it. I want to see her pussy. It’s suddenly all I can think about, all I can want or crave, just one glimpse, just a peek.
“I want to see your cunt,” I say hoarsely, lifting my head.
“My…cunt?” She says the word like she’s never said it out loud before.
“Yeah.” My voice is so ragged right now, so desperate, and fuck, I’ve never felt this frantic before. Like I’ll actually combust if I don’t get this one thing, this one small sight of her secret place.
She lets out a shaky breath, her hand dropping from my lapel to her skirt, which she slowly rucks up to her waist as I devour her lips once more, as I bury my face in her neck and kiss every sliver of skin exposed above her collar. I bite at her ear, at her jaw, my hand finding hers as it pulls her skirt up, so that I’m helping her do it, that we’re doing it together, this forbidden act, this forbidden revelation.
Her forbidden body.
That word, forbidden, spikes through my mind, bringing with it equal spikes of lust and fear. Because yes, it’s fucking hot that I shouldn’t be kissing her, I shouldn’t be begging to see her most secret place, my hand shouldn’t be covering hers as it slides up her thigh—but it’s also bad. Bad even for Sean Bell.
Bad, bad, bad.

About the Author:
Sierra Simone is a USA Today Bestselling former librarian (who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk.) She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City
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These Bell brothers are something else!  In the case of Sean, the loss of his little sister by suicide absolutely devastated him.  It is at times of a loss such as this that people turn to their god.  Others, like Sean, turn away from god believing he could not exist and allow these horrible things to happen.

Sean has turned absolutely to materialistic achievements.  His life is still a barren land of emotions.  That is because he would rather feel nothing that feels like the pain of his loss once again.  That is until he meets Zenny once again.

They knew each other since she was a little girl.  Her brother Elijah is Sean's best friend.  Their lives dovetailed until a decade ago when Sean lost his sister.  Now that she has turned into a beautiful and accomplished woman Sean cannot keep his eyes away.  Too bad Zenny is a postulant with one month left before she becomes a novice and then becomes a nun.

A nun!  Yes!  She has a month to say goodbye to the materialistic world and decide once and for all if she still wants to become a nun.  She has one wish.  Would Sean help her experience what she will be missing if she enters the church?

This is a journey of deliverance.  Sean has to finally deal with his emotions and awaken his eyes to who he really is.  Zenny is the catalyst and she will leave Sean looking at life in a new way.

Great reading, although I need to warn those of you who are religious, this will take an open mind.

I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  Thank you to the author for sharing a copy with me.

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