Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dr. Stantons The Epilogue by T L Swan - Release Day

Dr. Stanton's The Epilogue 
by T L Swan
Release Day

Want more of Dr. Stanton? Need to know what’s happens next for Ashley & Cameron’s future?

This sultry novella will satisfy all of your needs. Check it out on

Goodreads and now available for preorder on all platforms for just .99 pennies!

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Who knew Dr. Stanton was really a romantic at heart?

This Epilogue was really meant to stand alone.  It is time to finally propose and take the plunge.   It is sometimes hilarious and sometimes emotional to follow a man who has been a player all his life while he plans the most romantic way to propose to the love of his life.

I loved it!  The perfect cherry for a delightful finish.  I recommend this series to all who love to swoon over a good story.

I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  Thank you to the author for sharing this book with me.

Haven’t had the chance to meet Cameron Stanton yet? Dr. Stanton is ready to swagger into your hearts and make you squirm. Catch up now before the epilogue releases, you WILL NOT want to miss this appointment. Grab your copy today!

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