Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Scotch Queen by Penelope Sky is here! AWESOME!

The Scotch Queen 
by Penelope Sky is here!  


I wasn't sure what changed my mind about giving London to Bones, but something did.

Now London is officially mine. She's sassy, feisty, and she still tells me off when I have her under my thumb.

I love it.

Now I have a deal with the Barsetti brothers, Josephine is still pining for me, and revenge is heavy on my mind. I'm not sure what to do with London now that I'm not gonna kill her.

But I'm certainly not going to fall in love with her.

Everything about the relationship between London and Crewe has been both titillating and tenuous at best.  Their passion and lust are off the charts but they keep butting heads.  They are both stubborn and decisive.  In the end, you know the one with the most power will win.  Crewe of course!  Until they are able to reach a mutual agreement, their lives will be a see-saw.

The only thing London wishes for is to be free!  She is willing to go to extremes in order to get her freedom as long as no one gets hurt.  She has a plan.  Why not make Crewe fall for her?  Could this be possible?  She knows deep down he is a gentle and loving man.  Could she possibly just tap into that and ask for her freedom?  With all the perils surrounding her ( Bones, Ariel, Dunbar, etc.) how can she feel safe?

I devoured this book in one day!  OMG!  This series is so much more than what I expected!  I love our author's writing style.  She is direct with a gift for painting pictures in our minds with her words.  I cannot wait for the third and final installment to release.  

I am voluntarily reviewing this book because it is AWESOME!  Thanks to the author for sharing a copy with me.

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