Tuesday, August 29, 2017

RUTHLESS PERIL ( Stealth Security #3) by Emily Jane Trent is LIVE!


( Stealth Security #3)
by Emily Jane Trent

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A first date goes horribly wrong!

She’s grabbed by a vindictive killer. A Navy SEAL must rescue her.

Tessa Pate is tough, fit, and quick witted. But it’s not easy to find the right man to date. She accepts an invitation from Hunter, a loyal member of the Stealth Security team. Before he arrives to escort her to dinner, she’s thrown into a car trunk and whisked away. Her captor has his hands full, and likely regrets choosing her. He has mistaken her for another woman, but there’s no turning back.

Will her captor get the revenge he seeks?

Former SEAL Hunter Davis is drawn to Tessa’s strength and beauty. When he finally asks her out to dinner, the evening turns into a nightmare. He fears for Tessa’s life. Her captor wields a gun and is out for revenge.

Can Hunter rescue her, before it’s too late?

Tessa refuses to be intimidated and fights back. She’s a challenge for her captor. But without Hunter, she may be doomed. It’s a first date gone terribly wrong. Yet will she have another chance?

Fans of Kaylea Cross, Katie Reus, and Misty Evans will enjoy this book!

Ruthless Peril (Stealth Security Book 3) is a novella and a standalone romance with no cliffhanger.

Stealth Security:

Cold Peril (Garrett and Marlene)

Lethal Peril (Wyatt and Beth)

Ruthless Peril (Hunter and Tessa)

And More Coming!

Stealth Security is a Military Romantic Suspense series with ex-Navy SEAL heroes employed as bodyguards to celebrity and VIP clients. Each novel is a standalone romance with no cliffhangers, but the characters you love make appearances in future stories.

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Emily Jane Trent is a true romantic at heart. She writes steamy romantic stories about characters you'll get to know and love. If you like a love story with sex scenes that sizzle and a story that involves you both intellectually and emotionally, you'll find her books are for you.

Emily writes romance that brings out the depth of the characters and leads you to the happy ending - but not without emotional roller coasters along the way.

You can find details as well as other insight into this author at her Website: www.EmilyJaneTrent.com

Follow on Twitter: @EmilyJaneTrent

Hunter Davis is one of the ex-SEAL retirees working for Stealth Security.  He is all about the work, but yet he has a lighter side that comes out to play every time he is around Tessa.  He is attracted to her  but it has been so long since he dated anyone, he is a fish out of water when it comes time to act on it.

If you have been reading the Stealth Security series, you know Tessa.  She is independent, efficient, and take no prisoners kind of gal.  All at Stealth protect and cherish her for her kind heart and dedication to their safety but boys will be boys and they cannot help but notice the chemistry that ripples when Tessa and Hunter are together.

This is a story of a first date gone wrong by a prick looking for revenge.  Mistaking her identity, Tessa is kidnapped.  Only Tessa will not go down easily.  You must read this story to enjoy how she takes charge of her destiny.  I could not help laughing and crying at the same time!

I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  It is awesome and more readers should know about it.  I thank the author for sharing a copy with me.

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