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Marion Devereaux Rantings of a Wicked Woman by S.W.Holt 99 CENTS for a Limited Time Only!


Marion Devereaux
Rantings of a Wicked Woman

by S.W.Holt

99 CENTS for a Limited Time Only!

Also Available on Kindle Unlimited!

Authors Note: This is sequel to the Glass Towers Series. It is meant to be read as an insight to Marion Devereaux’s craziness, and those she has harmed. This book can be read as a stand-alone as well after the series.

The unstable Marion Devereaux is back, crazier than ever, and ready to tell her story, in her perspective. You can hear her version of some of the incidents that molded the course for all the participants.

After spending a lifetime clinging to the hope that she will land the sexy and enigmatic Harrison Towers, she finds that she is met nothing but rejection and contempt. She wants to share her story and divulge all of her most intimate and twisted memories that span from her being a young girl to being a woman scorned and seeking out revenge.

In this tell all, Marion reveals how she’s played a big part in destroying other people’s lives and how she is responsible for love ones lost.

Many of the characters you loved and hated from the Glass Towers Trilogy return for an inside look at all the scandal, tragedy, love, loss and of course steamy love affairs.

18+ Meant for mature audiences, contains graphic sexual content and language.

This is sequel to the Glass Towers Trilogy. It is meant to be read as an insight to Marion Devereauxs’ side of the story.

Can be read as a stand-alone or before or after the trilogy.

I’m an accomplished Author with a passion for romance. I’m so appreciative and delighted I get to pursue my passion while connecting with a worldwide audience.

Writing has always been a hobby and cathartic experience for me. Turning my passion into a fulfilling career as a professional Author has been one of my greatest life achievements. I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and marvel at the influence it has on people.

I'm a happily married mother of three from the Pacific Northwest and love to write a good romance.

After many years in the fashion industry, I started writing romance novels with my long-time friend Adler. We self-published over 5 titles together under our first release Glass Towers Trilogy, which is now a series of eight books and the Her Power, His Shame Trilogy. While Adler is no longer writing, I have continued on to self-publish an additional 3 books under the Adler and Holt pen name as a continuation of the Glass Towers Series.

I have additional bodies of work under way with an exciting new installment in the Glass Towers Series in the works.

When not writing, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, designing garments, volunteering and reluctantly...exercise.

Author Links:

Twitter:  @authorswholt 

COMING 11.17.16!

Breaking the Binds That Tie

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