Thursday, September 15, 2016

Harrison Towers, Memoirs of a Mogul (Glass Towers Series Book 4) Ever wonder what his past was like? Well, here it is!

Harrison Towers, Memoirs of a Mogul 

(Glass Towers Series Book 4)

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Ever wonder what Harrison's past was like? His relationship with Marion? His marriage to Adelaide?

This is Harrison Towers.


An Adult Steamy Romance.

Authors Note: This is prequel to the Glass Towers Trilogy. It is meant to be read as an insight to Harrison Towers, and those he has loved and lost. Book can be read as a stand alone as well as before or after the trilogy.

From the Glass Towers Trilogy, The enigmatic Harrison Towers is back, sexier than ever, and ready to tell his story, in his perspective.

A life changing event and an opportunity to share his story, prompts this mogul to divulge all of his most intimate and private memories that span over twenty-years of his life, beginning with his college graduation.

After a journalist contacts him to chronicle his road to success, it quickly becomes clear that this is actually a memoir of a man on a journey.

In this tell all, Harrison reveals his darkest moments and the moments that brought him to his knees. When he thought there would never be a reason to smile again, in walks fate giving him a second chance.

Hear how Harrison finds his own way in life despite being torn by his family obligations and the undeniable force that pulls him toward his future- a love so strong that the even the ghosts of his past cannot hold him back.

Many of the characters you loved and hated from the Glass Towers Trilogy return for an action packed story that is scandalous, tragic, full of love, loss and of course steamy love affairs.

18+ Meant for mature audience, contains graphic sexual content and language.

˃˃˃ This is prequel to the Glass Towers Trilogy.

It is meant to be read as an insight to Harrison Towers, and those he has loved and lost. Can be read as a stand alone or before or after the trilogy.***

Romance novelist S.w. Holt is a happily married mother of three from the Pacific Northwest.
After many years in the fashion industry, S.w. Holt started writing romance novels with her long-time friend Adler. The duo has self-published over four titles together under their first release Glass Towers Trilogy, which is now a series of eight books and the Her Power, His Shame Trilogy. While Adler has taken some time off, S.w. Holt has continued on to self publish an additional four books under the Adler and Holt pen name as a continuation of the Glass Towers Series.

Under her own pen name, S.w. Holt has released two free-standing novels as well as one short story. In addition to novels, S.w. Holt also writes as a freelancer for several blogs and creates web content.

With more work in progress, S.w. Holt will continue to enjoy growing and learning as a writer.

When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, sewing, volunteering and reluctantly...exercise.



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