Saturday, August 27, 2016

Only 99 Cents or read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! UNLEASHED (Fighting for Gisele Book #1 of 4) by Emily Jane Trent

Just in time before the final book publishes!

(Fighting for Gisele 
Book #1 of 4)

by Emily Jane Trent

First Book in the Fighting for Gisele Series is only $.99!


UNTAMED (Book #2)

UNBROKEN (Book #3)



Micah dragged her over to a concrete wall, bordering a planter filled with only dirt and rock. He held her hand in his. “I need to know everything,” he said. “We need to plan out how to deal with this.”

“I see now why my father set this up so I had to wait until I was twenty-one,” Gisele said. “He wanted to make sure that I could handle the situation. As a child, I couldn’t have.”

She continued, “I was crushed to learn that Yuri took me into his family for his own reasons, not out of any sense of loyalty to my father.”

“His motives were suspicious,” Micah said. “This makes a lot more sense, although it’s not an easy thing for you to find out.”

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