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Review | Archangel's Desire by Karen Swart @karenswart1

 Title: Archangel's Desire
Series: Archangels' #1
Author: Karen Swart
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Audience: Young Adult 18 years and up
Formats: E-book and Paperback
Publisher: Self Published
Published: 15 April 2015


Raven Black is no martyr, but she has a secret she deems worth protecting. Placed into the care of Zadkiel, the Archangel of Mercy, Raven Black tries with all her might and main to hide her deadly secret. It’s difficult to know who to trust or who to confide in, but Raven knows she’s unwilling to be exploited to get the Archangels’ greatest enemy. She seals her lips, refusing to speak and enduring the ensuing torture in silence.

After centuries of nothing but duty, Zadkiel is tormented by the hellhound Raven. The closer he gets to her, the more he discovers about this lethal beauty. With each passing moment an uncontrollable desire is awakened, and with it an ancient evil is provoked.

When he discovers her secret, Zadkiel must choose between all of mankind and the woman he has come to love. Can he save her in time, or will his failure bring forth the end of days?


Just when I thought Karen couldn't do it again, making me fall in love with another man in her life.  She's already brought me Chax De Luca in Kasadya's Hellhound Saga but that's not where it ends in the hot and steamy book boyfriend material for me.  Zadkiel, what can I say that can do the man justice?  Absolutely nothing, I have nothing, he's so hot and intense and gentle all wrapped up in one steamy novel about Raven.

I love Raven to death, though at times I wish she would have told someone her secret.  Maybe then she wouldn't feel like she had to run, hide and get lost in her own self.  When Chax learns of her betrayal, he is forced to put his foot down and makes Raven stay under Zadkiel's watchful eye.  Everything would have been fine if Raven could just stay awake.  Zadkiel notices Raven's having trouble, wants to help her yet she keeps pushing him away.

With Karen's Kasadya's Series one I could pick up and re-read, I've already read Archangel's Desire twice and could very easily pick it up again.   A series I suggest you start and I cannot wait till Karen publishes the next book in her amazingly hot Archangels' Series!

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clip_image006About the Author -
Karen lives in a small town in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa. She shares her live with her husband, two sons and daughter. If she isn't reading she is writing.

Her preferred genres are Paranormal and Urban fantasy. Karen specializes in payroll and HRIS systems analysis and development. At the age of 21 Karen's professional success reached its highest platform, an outstanding achievement at such a young age.


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  1. Thank you for the amazing review, so glad you liked it :)


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