Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Eternal Love (Bend To My Will #11) by Emily Jane Trent Release Day!

Eternal Love
(Bend To My Will #11) 
by Emily Jane Trent 
Release Day!

Available on Kindle Unlimited
March 2, 2016

Vivienne can't believe it has come to this!
Jacob is haunted by the guilt of his past.

Vivienne can’t penetrate the wall around his heart. After all, they’ve been through, the hatred is about to destroy any hope for love. Vivienne is convinced that she must let Jacob go. But he has other ideas.

“Vivienne thought he held the power, but Jacob knew that it was hers. She had braved the darkness, reached through to him when it had seemed impossible. And it was she who had persisted and had faith when there was no basis for it. He’d given her little encouragement. Yet the love in her heart, her goodness, had won.”

But just when they are hopeful, Jacob gets a nasty surprise that might ruin everything.

Series Description:

Eternal Love is the eleventh book in the Bend To My Will series, a Rinaldi Romance that unfolds over a series of novellas. Jacob Rinaldi made his fortune in wine importing, and he travels the world. He is a billionaire with his choice of women but is obsessed with having Vivienne Lake. This is a steamy romance with BDSM elements. Throughout this hot love story, Jacob faces the darkness that threatens to engulf him. And Vivienne learns the joy of submission while teaching Jacob that love isn’t out of reach.

Genres: wealthy billionaire hero, steamy alpha male romance mystery

 Jacob, it's time for you to "fish or cut bait"!   You have to decide what is a priority in your life and fight for it.

Look at me... I am actually talking to a fictional character!  I know the guilt this man feels is beyond anything I could possibly comprehend, but he is about to lose everything that is important in his life unless he faces the fact that he loves Vivienne!

This has been an amazing story from the beginning.  This man is so damaged by what his father did!  He is finally recognizing how deep his feelings go ... and losing Vivienne is very well a possibility.  She needs love in her life.  She needs to fulfill her dreams of the house, the white picket fence, the 2.5 children and the dog.  She needs her "nest" and the peace and fulfillment that comes with being surrounded by love.

ONE MORE BOOK coming soon and this story will end!  OMG!  What am I going to do after that?

About the Author

Emily Jane Trent is a true romantic at heart. She writes steamy romantic stories about characters you'll get to know and love. If you like a love story with sex scenes that sizzle and a story that involves you both intellectually and emotionally, you'll find her books are for you.

Emily writes romance that brings out the depth of the characters and leads you to the happy ending - but not without emotional roller coasters along the way.

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