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River James (Rockers of Steel #3) by MJ Fields One messed up drummer, drugs, sex and rock ' n roll... but is he really a bad boy?

 River James
Rockers of Steel #3

by MJ Fields 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 31, 2016


When he fell in love, he fell hard. When he lost her, he lost his will.

Drugs, sex, and rock and roll—in that order—became his life.

River James, the drummer for Steel Total Destruction, loved the brotherhood he formed with his unlikely best friend and his band mates, and the family he found in his label until one tragic accident takes it all away in the blink of an eye. Twisted metal, shattered bones, crushed dreams, and torn wreckage causes deep, dark secrets to be revealed and he quickly turns to the sure things in life: drugs and women. Will he find himself in the wreckage or will he lose his way in the smoke and debris?

The first person in her family to graduate from high school and college, Keanna Sutton is flying high on her accomplishments. She has the career and man of her dreams…or so she thought. While recovering from a break-up she has a chance run-in with a tall, handsome, silver-tongued drummer who tests her strength and ability to hold her own tongue. She desperately tries to ignore the implausible attraction to River - a man she knows will be no good for her. When she finally throws caution to the wind, she finds herself getting rocked the only way a badass like River can: hard and nasty. Will the hottest night of her life end there? Or will she lose herself in a man whose only promise is that a lady always comes first?

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To anyone looking into River's upbringing, it would seem he was brought up in a normal home, entitled because of the money his father made.  His mother always maintained the illusion that she cared.  But River keeps secrets well.  Not a soul knows what really happened to him as he was growing up.  It will touch your heart when you read the torment that still wrecks his sleep and his self-esteem.  Drugs were his way out to escape and they have been his best friends since he was sixteen.

Having said all this, I find River a tormented sould seeking refuge.  Perhaps Keanna is what he needs. But is he what is good for Keanna?

Heartfelt and definitely engrossing, I loved this book.  One tiny, itty bitty critique... In the beginning, I wish the author had covered a little more about River's injury.  The book just abruptly starts.  A smoother beginning would have been appreciated.  No matter, the rest of the book is great!

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Author Bio

USA Today bestselling author M.J. Field's love of writing was in full swing by age eight. Together with her cousins, she wrote a newsletter and sold it for ten cents to family members.

She self-published her first New Adult romance in January 2013. Today she has completed six self-published series, The Love Series, The Wrapped Series, The Burning Souls Series, The Men of Steel Series, Ties of Steel Series, and The Norfolk series.

MJ is a hybrid author who publishes an Indie book almost every month, and is signed with a traditional publisher, Loveswept, Penguin Random House, for her co-written series The Caldwell Brothers. Hendrix is available now, Morrison was released on December 22nd, 2015.

There is always something in the works, and she has three, yes, three, new series coming out this summer, and fall.

MJ lives in central New York, surrounded by family and friends. Her house is full of pets, friends, and noise ninety percent of the time, and she would have it no other way.

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