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Perfectly Ruined ( Sexy & Dangerous #2) by Emily Jane Trent FREE for 5 Days Only!

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Perfectly Ruined 
( Sexy & Dangerous #2) 

by Emily Jane Trent

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Nic Romano refuses to allow another man to have the only woman he wants!

Karina Vezzoni is about to marry a man she doesn’t love.
Caught in a web of lies and deceit, true love is something Karina cannot trust. But she may have to trust Nic. With everything she cares about at risk, she might have no choice.

“The heat of their relationship couldn’t be denied or ignored. Karina had no idea what to do about it, and wondered if Niccolo did either. Taboo or not, their intimacy had blossomed and she wanted to be with him. More than she cared to admit. That was the truth. Karina stood looking at the closed door, her body flushed and her pulse racing. Knowing she had broken the rules, and stolen precious time with Nic, didn’t stop her from wanting more of the same. Passion seemed to rise up and swamp all good judgment. And she feared it would end badly.”

Hot Italian hunk, Nic Romano, will make your pulse race!
This sensual romance (Sexy & Dangerous Book 2) can be read as a standalone novel, but you will want to read all 4 books in the series. You'll be swept up in this roller-coaster relationship, and carried away to Tuscany, Italy for a suspense-filled love story. Passion explodes, and the forbidden love affair may ruin Karina’s future. Will Nic uncover the evil plot in time? Will Karina listen?

Sexy & Dangerous 4 Book Series:

Four sexy & dangerous men, four unforgettable romances.
Each sexy alpha male meets the woman that is perfect for him, but flawed in her own way. In each of these steamy love stories, the hero risks all to save the woman he loves in an angst-filled romance you won’t be able to put down.

You’ll want to read all 4 alpha male romance novels!

Perfectly Shattered (Bradan)

Perfectly Ruined (Nic)
Perfectly Flawed (Sean)
Perfectly Broken (Tomas)

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(This series was previously titled: Perfect Imperfection)

There is no denying Nic Romano is a Bad Boy. Drinking, partying, drugs, and generally not caring where his life is going, he is totally lost and confused as to his future. Lucky for him, his uncle in Tuscany is willing to take him in so he can evaluate his priorities and get away from his dad.

In this setting that is primed for change and new resolutions, Nic reconnects with his childhood friend Karina. The attraction he felt as a teenager growing up with her is once again ignited. Backdraft! This is when oxygen is reintroduced to a smoldering fire and the result is explolsive and a raging fire. The passion that ignites between Karina and Nic has these pages melting from the heat.

In addition to the love affair, we have a nefarious figure involved - Angelo. He is Karina's fiance and believe me, he is a man you will love to hate. I wanted to punch him out while I was reading how carelessly he was treating Karina. That, plus the fact he was man-handling her, drove the point home that this man could not possibly end up marrying sweet Karina.

The plot thickens and our lovers work together to uncover the mystery behind Angelo. You will have to read this book to find out how they outsmart this jerk.

As always, Emily Jane Trent delivers a gripping story full emotion and angst. The descriptions of the landscape and people of the region alone make this book worth reading. Tonight, I will dream of Tuscany, wine, and of course... Nic!

About the Author

Emily Jane Trent is a true romantic at heart. She writes steamy romantic stories about characters you'll get to know and love. If you like a love story with sex scenes that sizzle and a story that involves you both intellectually and emotionally, you'll find her books are for you.

Emily writes romance that brings out the depth of the characters and leads you to the happy ending - but not without emotional roller coasters along the way.

You can find details as well as other insight into this author at her Website:

Follow on Twitter: @EmilyJaneTrent

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