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LUCKY NUMBERS by G.G. Carver New Release and Review

by G.G. Carver
New Release and Review

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Lucy Eaton had a job she loved as a Teaching Assistant at a Special Needs School and a boyfriend who struggled with commitment issues. Life was good, not great, but good, until one day Lady luck paid Lucy a visit and a life that most people could only dream of opened up to her. With the creases of everyday life ironed out she could sit back and live the dream.

But what if that dream doesn't turn out to be what you thought you wanted? Want and need are two very different things. The head wants, but the heart needs, and as generous and fortuitous as life can be, it can also be incredibly cruel. No one gets to live a creaseless life. That is something Lucy will soon discover.

Ready for a rollercoaster ride?  This book encompasses all the emotions a human being can feel.  From laughter and merriment to devastation and regret this book is a journey of emotions.  The main theme I would say is that of loyalty, love, and most of all, having the maturity to recognize what is most important in life.

Lucy Eaton is a special needs teaching assistant.  As such, she is a kind and involved guide to children in need of the support only she can give.  She loves her job nurturing and teaching these children how to integrate and survive in a world that not always understands them.  Her life is good. She is married to a man that she loves and all is pretty much easy going.  One fateful day changes all when they end up winning a lottery and her life will never be the same.  We hear all the time how money changes people.  In this case, we get to experience first hand how money affects this marriage and the people involved.

Looking at life through Lucy's eyes, we journey with her as priorities shift around her, decisions are made for her, and finally how she transforms into a stronger woman full of determination and the right priorities.
This is also a love story.  It is the story of the love for children, for self, and also the love for a special someone who fulfills you like no other.

Once again, G. G. Carver has regaled us with a story from the heart.  I thank him for sharing a copy of his story with me.

About the Author

Born in the heart of England to two devoted parents he enjoyed a happy, loving childhood. Not long after completing his further education he set off on a worldwide adventure visiting various places around the globe, but it was New Zealand that stole his heart. It was here that he discovered his creative side with amateur dramatics, and he made several brief appearances in national soap operas.

After 5 years he returned to England and discovered his passion for writing. He wrote several unpublished children's books, but had a vision for a book that would take him on an exciting journey.

He also lives with his close companion Carver Jnr his cuddly pup that features in many of his humorous Facebook updates. He enjoys keeping fit, long walks in the fresh air and spending time with close family and friends.

Twitter @GGCarver


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