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Hearts of Glass (The Glass Trilogy #3) by Arianne Richmonde New Release and My Review

Hearts of Glass (The Glass Trilogy #3) 
by Arianne Richmonde  
New Release and My Review


While Daniel lies in a coma in the hospital, Janie is told that the love of her life is married to his ex wife's sister, Kristin Jurgen, the neurosurgeon who is treating him. True or false? She doesn't know who, or what to believe.


My mind was spinning. I could hardly breathe. Standing inside Daniel’s hotel, where I’d been living so happily for the last few days, I tried to evaluate what was happening. My mouth was a gaping hole as I painfully swallowed the concierge’s words: “Her first name is Kristin. I believe her name, before she married, was Jürgen.”
“Daniel’s wife?” I asked again, as I leaned against Ethan’s front desk to support my Jell-O legs.
His eyes softened. “Look, I’m sorry. But . . . I’ll bet you’re not the first.”


The horror of what is happening to me is beneath my fingertips, but I cannot move them. It is on my breath but I cannot speak. It is before my eyes yet I cannot even blink.
I am immobile.
But my brain is alive. Very much alive. I want to jump up and grab them by the throats—these gatekeepers who are forcing me to be imprisoned in my own body. I was awake. I was well. Janie was with me and it was a matter of hours—yes, hours—before I knew I’d be up and running again. I could taste recovery. But then they medicated me. Medicated me back to oblivion.

Hearts of Glass will take you on a roller coaster ride of suspense, angst, and heartbreak. Are you ready to find out the truth?

Reading order:
#1 Shards of Glass
#2 Broken Glass
#3 Hearts of Glass

After leaving us with a cliffhanger, I could not wait to read the conclusion to this amazing story. Well, reviewing it is tough because I LOVED IT but I do not want to give away the plot.
Emotions are up and down, on the edge, jumping through hoops... and then through surprises, heart attacks and finally... I cannot tell you. The writing is top notch. The plot line impeccable. The twists in the plot amazing. And Daniel... yummy Daniel is the HOTTEST man alive in fiction.

I wanted to punch Kristin more than once. Thank you Elodie for being such a strong young woman! There is no way Kristin can get away with what she has done. This chick is dust under my shoes!

This is a grand finale to a love story that has kept me at the edge of my seat.

The author was kind enough to share an ARC with me.


SHARDS of GLASS (The Glass Trilogy #1)

BROKEN GLASS (The Glass Trilogy #2) 

About the Author

ARIANNE RICHMONDE IS THE USA TODAY bestselling author of Stolen Grace, and the Pearl Series books: Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl, Shimmers of Pearl, Pearl, and Belle Pearl
- all full length novels. The first three books in the series are also available in one trilogy bundle/box set as The Pearl Trilogy, and books 4 and 5, Pearl & Belle Pearl. She has also written the romantic suspense, The Glass Trilogy: Shards of Glass, Broken Glass, and Hearts of Glass, all out. And a Hollywood romance, The Star Trilogy.

She lives with her husband and coterie of animals in France. She loves to travel and meet people and is thrilled that her books have touched readers from all parts of the globe.

Arianne loves to hear from her fans and readers - please join her on her facebook page: or Twitter: @A_Richmonde, or write her an email:

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