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The Momen Just Before by Remy Landon Review

The Momen Just Before
by Remy Landon


I believe there is only one man who would put up with my ice-cold hands in bed. One man who would kiss his dogs without even a hint of embarrassment. One man who knew how much I wanted to be emotionally uninhibited like him, but who understood that I couldn't be.

Veterinarian Kimberly Wesson has an aversion to the color maroon--and to emotional intimacy. But what she lacks in emotion she more than makes up for in physical, using sex to cope with her husband’s death two years ago. Widowhood, her career and raising a feisty teenage daughter are challenging enough, but life becomes even more complicated when Dr. Tony Dalton, Kimberly’s charming, cocky colleague and friend with benefits, begins expressing feelings for her and urging her to take risks. Handsome, mysterious newcomer Nathan begins working at the vet clinic, adding another layer of confusion, and Kimberly must decide if she’ll continue teetering on the edge of life, or if she’ll dare to take the leap.

The last two years have been full of changes, adjustment and most of all, fear. Kimberly has been mourning the loss of her husband to a heart attack that came out of nowhere. Who would think a fit man in his mid-thirties would have a heart attack when he always looked so healthy?

This is Kimberly's journey of reconciliation to this loss. In addition, this is her journey toward bringing down the barriers her heart has built against showing emotion. This is a complex undertaking that will have her analyzing her life from childhood until now.

Her borderline sex addiction is how she is coping with the need to relieve that restless feeling she cannot escape. Sex without any commitments or further expectations than a momentary release is all she wants, or does she?

She has known Dr. Tony Dalton for ten years now. They both work for the same veterinary clinic and have become fast friends. Tony is the key. He is the friend with benefits she needs in her life, as well as the safe, strong friend she can count on. Their relationship is about to change too and Kimberly is not ready for all the changes that are coming. Fear of commitment or just fear of losing another loved one?

Kimberly's daughter Grace's involvement in a vehicular accident is the turning point for her. Life is short and tomorrow is promised to no one. Isn't it time Kimberly start living again?

Written in an easy conversational style, I was swept away by the depth of feeling and complex characters. I became so involved with these characters I hated to see this book end. This is a mature book, meaning, it is a book that will make you think. Kimberly's life is a mirror the reader can use to evaluate their own life. I recommend this book fully to anyone that enjoys literature and thinking.

About the Author

As a child, Remy was an avid reader and writer, bringing stacks of books everywhere she went and scribbling stories in a thick spiral notebook.
She heard somewhere that you should have a career based on what you loved to do when you were 10, and she would love nothing more than to follow that advice.

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