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Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian by E L James My Review

Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey 
as Told by Christian  
by E L James

From the beginning, we all knew Christian was messed up... fifty shades of messed up.  It was thrilling to hear that E.L. James was releasing a book from his point of view.  We have all eagerly awaited to find out more about his childhood and his initiation in the "lifestyle" with Mrs. Lincoln as the Domme.

This book is tricky... the story is still thrilling, but let's face it, the first 90 percent of this book is all a re-hash of what we all have already read.  The only new twist is being able to know what Christian was thinking along the way, and that my friends is nothing new.  He was a douche at times, too into himself, and he was forgetting that he was no prize to be had -which was the only incentive to survive the punishment he so enjoyed giving.

As a reader, I must admit, I almost put the book down after the first 30 percent of the book because nothing new was being revealed. I am glad I stuck it out until the end.  You see at 90 percent of the book things got really interesting.  This is really where Christian has his "realization" and we actually are able to find out more about his childhood, how he is able to understand these feelings he has for Anastasia, and finally how he resolves in his mind that he can give  more so he can have Anastasia back in his life.  Hurrah!  The last 10 percent of this book is worth reading.

I am sure that there will be two more books from his perspective.  I am eager to read those two books... let's face it, that is where things really pick up in the plot.  We have Leila, the disgusting Jack Hyde comes into play, and then we have the culmination of this lightning love affair into the engagement party where all bets are off with Mrs. Lincoln.  Let's not forget the thrilling last book where Anastasia gets pregnant and Christian has his meltdown.  Yes, those books are really going to add a lot of background to Christian's evolution and they will be eagerly awaited by this reader.

Have patience and stick with this book.  The story you know is being retold and it is still interesting.  The last bit of the book is worth the price.  And think about the future books that will give us Christian unbound and facing his demons at last.

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