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Whipped - The Decadent Series Book 3 by Kelly Collins Tour and Review

Whipped BT

The Decadent Series Book 3

by Kelly Collins

Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
whippped- Cover


Roxy Somerville grew up with everything. Sports cars and designer clothes were commonplace in her life. Love, affection, and autonomy were not. She left her life of luxury, and traded her riches for freedom, a freedom that would lead her back to her first love. A freedom that nearly cost her life.
Bobby Anderson had very little in the way of financial wealth. He had a supportive family and it made him the richest of men. For a time, he had Roxy, then she was gone. Now she’s back in his life, and he will stop at nothing to keep her.
Travel through past mistakes to second chances. Take a journey straight to the heart of love. Whipped is dipped in intrigue and suspense, amidst sizzling hot passion. Once you find yourself Whipped, there is no turning back.


The drink special tonight is the Painus Anus. It’s a Tequila drink that contains:
1 Part Tequila
1 Slice of jalapeño pepper
Dash of Hot Sauce
Roxy loves this drink. She’s a huge fan of hot and spicy, the hotter the better. This one doesn’t disappoint. Many of the patrons call it the double dipper––hurts going in––hurts coming out.
“Hey, Roxy.” She looks up and sees Trevor and Chris who stand at the end of the bar. She races over to give them a hug. They are hands down her favorite people in the world.
“What are you guys doing here?” She pushes away and looks at them. “This isn’t your normal night.” They’re not Sunday night regulars. They come Fridays, Saturdays, and occasionally Mondays.
“We came in to get the lowdown on your date last night.” Chris waggles his eyebrows. What a dweeb. His over-the-top behavior used to catch her off guard. Now she’s used to him. How he ended up with Trevor is a mystery. It’s funny how opposites attract.
“I don’t kiss and tell.” She gives them a stern don’t-go-there look. “Bullshit, you kissed and told about the fireman. What is it with you and men in uniform?” Oh... Dan the fireman. What an awful night that was. The memory makes her shudder.
“I only talked because you guys wouldn’t stop asking about his hose. I told you, just to shut you up.” She disregards them with a flip of her hand.
“If I remember correctly, by the end of the night you were begging for more hose and he had nothing to give you.” Both men break out in laughter causing every eye in the bar to light upon them. There is something contagious about spontaneous laughter.


perfection name Teaser 1

We have all read rags to riches stories.  Well, this story is definitely different.  This is rich girl stands up to her father, looses all her riches, gains independence.  Riches to rags with emphasis on independence and being true to herself.

Roxy would rather live from paycheck to paycheck, rather than give in to her controlling father.  The man is impossible, especially when he is dictating who she should marry.  Marrying a older man thirty years her senior because he is a partner at her father's law firm is not in Roxy's  nature.  You won't believe to what extents her father will go to try and "break" her and make come back begging for his help.

In the meantime, there is Bobby Anderson.  Her high school crush on him has not gone away at all!  He is still as gorgeous as ever and she is game!

Bobby is now with the Police Department.  He is the epitome of true, safe, and protective.  He also has not forgotten his crush on Roxy.  Actually, he has never stopped thinking about her.  How these two get together and proceed with their courtship makes this story a must read.

This is an emotional, romantic thriller, full of passion and excitement.

About The Author

Kelly Collins lives in Colorado with her husband, James. She’s the proud mother of three young adults. They are her greatest accomplishment.
Reading has always been a passion. That passion turned into a career after she took a flight to New York and asked a what if question. That question turned into her first book, Tempo.
She has a passion for her family, a love of lemondrop martinis and is known to stop for anything shiny. She love hockey, Gerbera daisies and standing in front of her fireplace until she nearly combusts.
Armed with a martini and her laptop, Kelly loves nothing more than to create a world that any woman would want to explore.
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