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The Critic by Joanne Schwehm New Release ,Giveaway and Review

The Critic
 by Joanne Schwehm

New Release, Giveaway and Review

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Andrea Jordan dreams of acting on Broadway, and she is at the cusp of achieving success. All her sacrifices start to pay off when she lands a role that will catapult her to stardom.

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Award-winning theater critic Bentley Chambers possesses the power to make or break a career. Theatergoers consider his reviews to be gospel, and actors cringe at the thought of him in the audience. His words possess power.

A heart’s not made of stone

More than one actor has been sent packing after Bentley’s bad reviews, and Andrea could be next. She won’t stand by and let him shatter her dreams, but she never thought giving him a piece of her mind would also mean giving him a piece of her heart.

Will Andrea discover on her own the passion Bentley claims she lacks, or will he be the one to draw it out of her?

Words… choose them wisely.


If any of you has a friend involved with the theater, you can ask them.  Nothing hurts as much as a bad review.  It is true in the Arts, whether you are an author, a painter, etc. reviews matter.  An actor though, has to overcome their inhibitions, real life, etc. before they can stand on the stage and attempt to create a persona that will seem real and that can speak and move according to the script.  I know; I have a few of those in my family.  They learn early on in their career to not focus on the bad reviews, continue to learn and perfect their skills, and just believe fiercely in themselves.

So is the story of our actress Andi Jordan.  Beautiful, refined, hard working... almost perfection, and yet this one critic keeps calling her out for lack of passion.  Every time she reads one of his reviews of her work, she knows this man must have it out for her.  At her wits end, she decides to confront him.  Fireworks, seek shelter, wear your protective gear, she is taking no prisoners!

Our critic, Bentley Chambers, is full of surprises.  These two are made for each other!  What begins as a battle evolves into a recognition that we all are striving to improve ourselves.  Honesty is wonderful, but words can really hurt if they are not crafted with care and sensitivity.

This wonderful story was a delight to read.  I always know when my face starts to hurt because I have been smiling while reading that the story is a winner.  Definitely recommended to anyone looking for more than a hot romance.  Enjoy!

Joanne Schwehm Bio:

Author of Unexpected Chance, My Chance (The Chance Series), Ryker and The Critic.

Joanne was born and raised in Rochester, NY and currently resides near our Nation's Capital with her husband and two sons.

Romance is one of Joanne's favorite things and thankfully, she is surrounded by it.

Joanne firmly believes when that unexpected chance comes, take it. Don't let it pass you by - you never know what you could be missing.

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