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Stay With Me: Lust Book 1-Kyra’s Story By Emily Jane Trent

Stay With Me: Lust Book 1-Kyra’s Story

By Emily Jane Trent

Release Date March 8th

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 Genre: romantic suspense, erotic thriller novels, steamy new adult romance.

Series Description:
This is a sensual romance series consisting of 4 erotic thriller novels. Kyra Walsh was Leah Ivers best friend in the Gianni and Leah seductive romance series. Now you can read about her love story with Stephano Rinaldi in the steamy, suspenseful romance “Stay With Me.” 

Stephano knows the gorgeous woman he just met is trouble! But he cannot resist Kyra. Stephano Rinaldi sees beautiful women all the time as a fashion photographer. But the wealthy hero cannot lose the chance to get to know Kyra better, even though they have only a couple of days together.
Kyra mistrusts men and sees no reason the sexy photographer should be any different. She is swept off her feet by charming Stephano in this steamy love story. She should turn away, but a taste of him is addictive. One hot interlude leads to another. Each time the sex is hotter than before. Yet she knows there is no future for them.

Kyra can’t seem to find the right guy. In the past, she has been abused. Her best friend introduces her to a heartthrob billionaire bachelor at a fashion show in Zurich. There is every reason they shouldn’t be together, but the attraction is too strong. When Kyra’s past threatens to ruin their relationship before it has even started, Stephano vows to save her.

This is Kyra's story.  What little we learned during Leah's and Gianni's story, was enough to intrigue us.  Her luck with men has been atrocious.  She seems to fall prey for men who end up trying to control and abuse her.  Now that she has taken back control of her life, she is cautious as to whom she allows to get near her and Stephano is just what the "doctor ordered" for a short lived romance.

They live in the same world of fashion and glitz but on opposites sides of the Atlantic.  Kyra stayed away from Europe as much as possible and made her life in New York; Stephano played and worked in Europe and barely ever stopped in New York to visit.  This was not conducive to a long termed relationship ...  Neither one wanted anything serious and both of them were just looking for an enjoyable fling and friendship.  Christmas was a time of loneliness without friends and family.  They could both enjoy their companionship during this time.

What starts as just a casual fling quickly develops into a blazing fire of lust and want.  Beyond that, although they both swear they cannot get serious, there is something between them that goes further than the physical.  Emotions tangle; their attraction deepens; they do stop to analyze; they just accept it.  "It seemed if he blinked that she would disappear, and that thought left a gaping hole in his chest."  This is how Stephano describes waking one morning with Kyra in his bed.

As always, Emily Jane Trent introduces us to characters so real we can almost touch them.  As Kyra's story  evolves, we feel her emotions, we see the world through her eyes and Stephano's, and we fear for their welfare.  The road ahead appears fraught with dark forces that I fear with threaten their lives.  Another fabulous masterpiece I could not put down!


Stephano smiled. “So back home in New York, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Would I be having dinner with you if I did?”

“I’m asking.”

Kyra put her menu down and clasped her hands together. “No. I do not have a boyfriend.”

“Why not?”

“What kind of question is that?”

Stephano leaned back in his chair. “I guess I’m getting too personal. But I just don’t see how a beautiful woman like you is…available.”

Kyra took a gulp of wine. He just wasn’t going to let up. “Well, you may not see how. But it’s the truth. I guess I haven’t found the right guy.” She hoped that satisfied him.

About the Author 

Emily Jane Trent is a true romantic at heart. She writes steamy romantic stories about characters you'll get to know and love. If you like a love story with sex scenes that sizzle and a story that involves you both intellectually and emotionally, you'll find her books are for you.

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