Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Private Encounters by Anie Michaels New Release and Review

Private Encounters by Anie Michaels  
New Release and Review

I wanted him.
It was as simple as that.
It was also dangerous.
I was willing to risk it all for just one night with him.
As I watched my carefully structured life fall apart around me,
I needed him to make me forget.
Preston was everything I knew I should walk away from,
but impossible to leave behind.
He would be my undoing, my downfall,
but I wanted nothing more than to be undone.
**This is volume two of a multi-volume serial. Readers should not expect a resolution at the end of this publication. For mature readers only due to explicit sexual situations.

Dude, I am so hooked on this serial novel!

So things are moving along with Preston. Lena has been so lonely and this man is so gorgeous and charismatic... she is so vulnerable! You can just imagine what's cooking between these two.

Lena is placing all her trust on Preston finding something in order to prove her husband is having an affair. If she is not able to prove this, she is afraid she will be left destitute. Anyone who has gone through what Lena is going through with her cheating husband can only feel for her.

It is very hard to write this review without giving away the plot. Just trust me. If you read book 1 and are into this story... just keep on going, because this second installment will stun you!

Now, I need the next installment like yesterday! Anie Michaels please take pity on me! Absolutely recommended.

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