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Rise (ROCK SOLID #1) by Karina Bliss New Release, Review and Giveaway

 Rise (ROCK SOLID #1) 
by Karina Bliss 

New Release, Review and Giveaway

“You have the ability to make controversial characters sympathetic. Maybe I just want to be understood.”

Acclaimed literary biographer Elizabeth Winston writes about long-dead heroes. So bad boy rock icon Zander Freedman couldn’t possibly tempt her to write his memoir. Except the man is a mass of fascinating contradictions - manipulative, honest, gifted, charismatic, morally ambiguous.
In short, everything she sought in a biography subject. When in her life will she get another chance to work with a living legend? But saying yes to one temptation soon leads to another.
Suddenly she’s having heated fantasies about her subject, fantasies this blue-eyed-devil is only too willing to stoke. She’d thought self-control was in her DNA, after all she grew up a minister’s daughter. She thought wrong.

Outside your comfort zone is the only place worth living...

Zander Freedman has been an outlier - many would say an outcast – for most of his life. But there’s no disaster he can’t overcome, from the break-up of his band to the fall-out on his reputation. His Resurrection Tour is shaping up to be his greatest triumph - if his golden voice holds out. Contracting a respected biographer is simply about creating more buzz; Elizabeth's integrity the key to consolidating his legacy as one of rock’s greats.
All the damn woman has to do is write down what he tells her. Not make him think.
Or encourage the good guy struggling to get out. And certainly not to fall in love for the first time in his life.
Turns out he is scared of something - being known.

Rise - a redemption story of a rock star going straight(er) through the love of a good(ish) woman.
From time to time I find a rare gem ... a book that is so absolutely well written and engrossing I cannot put it down. This is such a book.

I have to admit, I am a rock 'n roll addict. If the cover shows anything to do with a rock band or legend... I have to read it. Friends know this about me, so I was recommended to read this book. Thank you my friends! We hit the jackpot with this one.

Zander is the walking rocker cliche. Arrogant, selfish, obnoxious, greedy of both money and fame are but a few of his rocker qualities. Yes, yes, he is HOT, swooning gorgeous, and has a voice that makes all his fans (men and women alike) melt into a puddle of goo when he sings. The word womanizer does not even begin to describe his personal relationships. He has been a successful leader of the band Rave since he was discovered at age sixteen, and now as he approaches his fortieth birthday, he is not about to slow down. He has resurrected his band after a very public break-up with original members, and he is taking no prisoners.

Meeting Dr. Elizabeth Winston is the best thing that could have happened to him. He has decided to hire her to write his memoirs, after firing her two predecessors. It is all part of Zander's plan... with a reputable biographer writing his memoirs, he will rake in a lot of money. He is arrogant enough to strategize what he will and will not disclose in order to manipulate her into writing a favorable memoir. The one thing he was not counting on was the impact her presence would have on his band, his life, and his heart.

This book is well written, fast paced, funny, engrossing, with an in depth look at the life of a rocker pursuing everlasting fame and power. The psychology behind his actions makes this story even more gripping. I loved it! It is a thrilling romance with all the trimmings!

 About the Author:

New Zealander Karina Bliss’s debut, Mr Imperfect, won a Romantic Book of the Year award in Australia, the first of eleven books published through Harlequin SuperRomance. Her most recent release, A Prior Engagement, was a Desert Island Keeper at Her next release, Rise, is a single title, self-published contemporary which continues the story of Zander Freedman, who first appeared as a villain inKarina’s bestselling title, What the Librarian Did – a book that made DearAuthor’s Best of the Year list in 2010.Two of Karina’s books have also featured in Sizzling Book Chats at SmartBitchesTrashyBooks.

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