Sunday, February 1, 2015

Private Affairs (The Private Serials Book 1) by Anie Michaels Surprise Release of New Series! 99 CENTS!

 Private Affairs (The Private Serials Book 1) 
by Anie Michaels 
Surprise Release of New Series!  

When Lena Bellows suspects her husband of cheating it rocks her world, but also sends her life into a tailspin seven years in the making. Decisions must be made, plans need to be set in place, but she can’t do it alone.
Private investigator Preston Reid was hired to prove Lena’s husband was being unfaithful, but she never expected the instantaneous and unrelenting attraction she felt upon meeting him.
She’ll need to rely on Preston to do his job without compromising her future, but they will both fight their constant and all-encompassing desire to be with each other.
Only one thing is clear: No one’s affairs are private anymore.

**This is the first volume in a multi-volume serial. Readers should not expect a resolution at the end of this publication. It is intended for mature readers. It is 28,000+ words.

This is a great beginning to this serial novel!

Lena has been married to Derrek for seven years.  The last five years of their marriage have not been happy.  They no longer share their bed, they hardly speak to each other, and they seldom share a meal. Suspicious that he might be having an affair, Lena and her best friend Samantha follow him one night as he leaves work.  What they stumble on is something that is too much for a wife to absorb.

Seeking help in securing proof that can stand up in court, Lena hires a private detective.  Little did she realize meeting Preston would also alter her future.  The man is scorching HOT, with an attitude, and a sexual appeal you would have to be dead not to be affected by it.

The plot line has all the twists and turns of a romantic thriller.  What appears to be a normal dysfunctional marriage has the under currents of a complex farce.  Why do I get the feeling Derrek is looking to advance his ambition by using everyone involved? 

I am hooked!  No way am I going to miss what happens next!

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