Friday, February 20, 2015

Forbidden Nights (Seductive Nights #5) by Lauren Blakely Review

Forbidden Nights 
(Seductive Nights #5) 

by Lauren Blakely 


Best friends forever are rare. Someone you can share your thoughts and deepest secrets with and who will never judge you. Once you find one, you treasure them against all odds.

Such is the case in our story between Casey and Nate. Their friendship runs deep to the core. This is why when Casey asked for help with her "relationship style" Nate had to think it over for a bit. Casey was asking him for lessons in "letting go" of her control, which seemed to be the souring point in all her relationships. Having a new person in mind for a lasting relationship, Casey figured Nate could teach her to soften her approach to sex and so ensure success.

This is where the story blossoms into an erotic romance you will not be able to put down. Nate has been attracted to Casey forever. With the demise of his marriage years earlier, Nate built an armor around his heart and swore off on love at all costs. But Casey's proposition was one he could not pass up. He would be able to act on his attraction and know no permanency was expected since she had her sights on someone else.

Erotic, heart-warming, emotional... are but a few attributes to describe this latest book from Lauren Blakely. She once again is able to weave a story between two people who are damaged or misfit and lead them through her prose, to stratospheric happiness. I am a fan of her writing and it never gets old. The love scenes between these two characters are memorable. I am still wondering how she is able to keep it fresh and new with every book she writes!

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