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The Beautiful ChaosTrilogy - Spotlight! Written by Arianne Richmonde

The Beautiful Chaos Trilogy 
by Arianne Richmonde

 Book 1- Shooting Star

An edgy, sexy story about falling for the one person you shouldn't have.

26-year-old movie director Jake Wild lives up to his name: he's the wildest player in town. He's also Hollywood royalty. From a family dynasty of powerful directors and producers, Jake's home is a movie set. With reams of hot starlets at his beck and call, Jake can get any woman he wants. But with his new movie, Skye's The Limit in pre-production, he's decided it's time to get serious and change his philandering ways.

19-year-old Oscar winning Star Davis also lives up to her name. She's an A-list megastar. Hell-raisingly beautiful, she tosses men aside like used Kleenex. She commands 20 million per movie--or at least did until drugs, alcohol, wild partying, and a police arrest sent her into rehab. Now she's out, squeaky clean, and determined to win the role she was born to play: the lead in Skye's The Limit - ready to re-conquer Hollywood.

But there's just one problem: Jake doesn't want this "liability on legs" near his precious movie. But Star has wily ways of getting what she wants. And apart from the role of Skye, what she wants is Jake right where he belongs:

Under her thumb.

Lights, camera, action . . .

But the action is not what Jake expected.

*Due to sexy strong language and situations this book is recommended for readers 18 +

Book 2- Falling Star

Falling Star is book two in the Beautiful Chaos Trilogy. (You'll need to read Shooting Star first).

"Holy hotness. Move over Gideon and Eva. The shower scene in Falling Star is the sexiest I've ever read" - Hot Heroes Books.

“I am speechless after reading this. Once I started I could not put this down; I loved every single second of this book” - Sammie’s Book Blog.

"The twists and turns in this book make for an addictive, page-turning sequel. Not to mention the sexual chemistry which jumps off the page." - Jackie's Favorite Reads

Sex-addict Jake is stunned after hearing Star’s shocking secret—she’s not who he thought she was—and he now wants to keep her at a distance, afraid of hurting her. But the more he ignores Star, the keener she is for his attention. And with the beautiful young actress being forced by her contract to live in Jake's house, neither can get away from each other.

But the arrival of a third party changes the game. And when Star doesn’t come home, or to the set the next day . . .

Jake knows he could have lost her for good.

Book 3- Shining Star

The story continues . . .

In a terrifying turn of events Star discovers the truth about who her kidnapper is. She can trust no one. But before she has a chance to process her revelations something happens that changes her life forever.
But is she in love with the wrong man? And just how far will she go to protect him?

This is the third and last part of the Beautiful Chaos Trilogy.

#1 Shooting Star
#2 Falling Star
#3 Shining Star
Sexy strong language and erotic situations.

Book 1- Shooting Star

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Yes, we have here the latest in Hollywood Scandals and it is bound to get scorching hot!

Picture a nineteen year old Oscar winner super star who has done it all - sex, drugs, and alcohol. Add a sex addicted director. Throw in the requirement that he keep an eye on her since she just got out of rehab and they are making a movie together. So what have you got? A recipe for the most exciting series that our author Arianne Richmonde has written so far.

Have to say, our heroine Sky sees the writing on the wall... she either flies straight with this movie and keeps her life clean, or her career is done for. She has done it all including being arrested. She has decided it is either straighten her life, or she might as well give up altogether.
She appears strong enough and willing to achieve her goal... but with Jack around, temptation might turn out to be too much for her.

I loved this first installment. It reminded me of some current stars that are always in the news. The party is over and it is time for hard work and reality checks. Looking forward to the next installment Falling Star!

Book 2- Falling Star

Star's relationship with Jake has reached a boiling point, Is it love, lust, or the challenge that keeps them trying to seduce each other? They are so alike in some ways, yet they are blind to what is right in front of them.

Again, using her magic pen, Arianne Richmonde has managed to create a plot with twists I did not foresee. In this thrilling installment, you can be sure you will be biting your nails. Prepare yourselves! Mystery and suspense will have you reeling... Sex is not the only thrill in this book. We have a complex and well thought out plot that will make your heart ache.

This the second installment of this trilogy. Hopefully, Shining Star will be out soon. I really need to know what happens next. Lives are at stake here!

Book 3- Shining Star

This is the grand finale to our story. Like all grand finales we expect just resolutions, etc. all tied up neatly. Well, all that is true here, except our plot takes off and we are taken on a romantic and life experience ride to delight and thrill the most cynical of us.

I want to stay spoiler free because you need to experience all the emotions without knowing what is coming next. Just believe me when I say that if you are familiar with Arianne Richmonde's writing, you will be smiling and never be disappointed. This story just keeps getting better and better!

Star is smart enough to deal with the experiences and obstacles in her way, while growing as a character and changing as needed. I love it when characters display their flaws and fragility and deal with life and grow. Our author's characters are always unique and real. This is why once you start reading her books you cannot put them down.

By the way, YES, there are very steamy scenes in here. I would love to find out how authors are able to describe these encounters with such reality and heat. I guess it is all part of the "magic" ! 

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Arianne Richmonde grew up in both the US and Europe. She is the author of the bestselling books Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl, Shimmers of Pearl, Pearl, and Belle Pearl- all full length novels in The Pearl Series.The first three books in the series are also available in one trilogy bundle/box set as The Pearl Trilogy. She has also written Glass- a provocative short story and the suspense novel, Stolen Grace. She lives with her husband and coterie of animals in France.

She loves to hear from readers - please join her on her facebook page: or Twitter: @A_Richmonde

If you would like to be the first to know about her latest book release sign up:

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