Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Undeniably His (A Billionaire Love Story) by Amanda Chayse Review

Undeniably His
(A Billionaire Love Story) 
Amanda Chayse 

I never realized how far I would go for love…until I met him.

When I interviewed for a job at Kalin Davis's advertising firm, I didn't think I would interview with him personally.

I sure didn't think I would spend a night at his beach home, lying naked in his bed with his arms around me.

And I definitely didn't think I'd end up crouched behind a bar, clutching a gun, listening to the cold steps of a killer approach me.

One betrayal leads to another, and in the end we're both questioning who we can trust…even each other.
 Already nervous about going to interview for a job she needed desperately, Annabelle can hardly contain the emotions when she meets Kalin the CEO of the company.  He of all people is conducting the interview.  The moment their eyes meet there is an immediate attraction and electric current between them. YES!  This is what romance stories are all about. WOW can these two stir up a storm!

What starts as an entry job rapidly grows into the possibility of a power struggle, seat on the board, millions at stake and definitely danger.  Kalin's company is in flux from a takeover by unethical members of the board.  Friends are suspected, no one can be trusted, and the only  person that can possibly help Kalin save his company is a total outsider.  The fact that he falls for this innocent, intelligent and versatile woman is the bonus of the century.

I am a fan of Amanda Chayse, I admit it.  Her stories have that gentle, emotional and sensitive undercurrent that grounds and excites at the same time, while the world around our lovers can be coming apart.  This is a thrilling read.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

 About the Author
Amanda Chayse is a Romance and New Adult author who has enjoyed writing since she was just a child daydreaming in school.

As she grew up, she focused on passionate stories of strong men and women, oftentimes facing impossible odds, and in relationships that made them even better together.

Don't miss a single release of her latest books. Sign up for the latest updates and releases at www.amandachayse.com.

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