Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Life Before Damaged Vol 2. (The Ferro Family) by H.M. Ward New Release and Review

Life Before Damaged Vol 2.  

(The Ferro Family)

 by  H.M. Ward


The weight of my actions is crushing me. I can't sleep and I can't concentrate-well, I can't concentrate on anything but Pete Ferro. I face the possibility of losing everything dear to me, yet all I can think about is the sinful way he smells. I need a distraction, something to help me forget the wrong I've done, the shame I've brought to my family, just for a little while. I turn to Anthony for release, but he can't give me what I need. When Erin suggests something new, I'm desperate enough to say yes, sending me in a direction that will change my life.
Genre: New Adult Romance 

This story unfolds over multiple volumes.

Gina is still under the Ferro spell and waiting for her clothes. I would have mixed feelings too if Ferro made a move on me and then at the last second decided to leave the room and leave me hanging there. Gina figures it is for the best because she feels like she has cheated on her boyfriend Anthony just by letting Ferro weave his flirtatious magic over her.

I have to say Gina is just like any other girl in her early twenties looking to find who she really is. Her parents expectations have always been high for her and she hates to disappoint them. The problem is that they have always paved the way for her, made all the decisions for her, so now that she is maturing, she is second guessing her life choices.

Motherly advice Gina, think again about this Anthony guy. Why do I get the feeling he is a douche bag just interested in what the Granz money can do for him? No wonder Gina is vulnerable! Even her boyfriend has been pre-approved by her parents based on their specifications and not based on mutual love...I am watching this dude. I think he is up to no good!

Guilt from the warehouse fire is still weighing heavy on Gina. With guilt comes the nightmares and the stress. This can lead to nothing good. Lying to her parents is not the best way to deal with this. You know she is going to be found out. Hasn't it happened to you? You go and do something wrong, try to cover it up, and SNAP! Somehow the world finds out and you are in worse shape than before!

I cannot wait to read part 3! Swing dancing, anyone?

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