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A Feast of You (The Epicurean Series Book #3) by Sorcha Grace New Release

A Feast of You 
(The Epicurean Series Book #3)

by Sorcha Grace  

New Release


Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1sxQ4iQ
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1xi8IfO
BN: http://bit.ly/13r7hiC
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The passion between beautiful food photographer Catherine Kelly and billionaire gourmand William Lambourne is now a full-course meal…

Cat and William have had the right ingredients for mind-blowing passion from the very start, and now their whirlwind romance has gotten serious. Very serious. They’re practically living together, and sharing William’s luxury Chicago penthouse is even more delicious than Cat could ever have imagined. Whether he’s cooking her an elaborate gourmet dinner or satisfying her every need in the bedroom, William Lambourne knows how to take care of his woman and Cat couldn't be happier.
But life with Mr. Lambourne in his mansion in the sky quickly becomes complicated. Demons from William’s past are back and they want to harm what’s most precious to him: Cat. He’ll do anything in his power to protect the woman he loves from danger, even hiring an elite security team to follow Catherine around the city. Cat loves that William wants to keep her safe, but she’s not used to being a target – or being so dependent. And then there’s Cat’s new boss Hutch Morrison, the ex-rockstar-turned-world-renowned-chef who stirs up another kind of trouble. Cat’s definitely not used to seeing her stormy-eyed sex god so riled up. Cat and William may be a perfect pairing, but when dangerous forces of all types threaten to keep them apart, it will take more than just their undeniable chemistry—and their insatiable appetites—to survive it.

Book 3 in Sorcha Grace’s The Epicurean series. 

** Contains adult content. Suitable for readers 18 & up **

Also in this Series:

A Taste of You
Now 99 CENTS!

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A young food photographer's appetites are awakened when she is swept off her feet by a handsome billionaire gourmand.

Beautiful and talented Catherine Kelly is starting over as a food photographer in Chicago. With her painful past buried in California, she’s focused on her career and is hungry for little else. Until she meets a wealthy bachelor with arresting blue-grey eyes filled with enough tragedy to match her own. William Lambourne is rich, powerful, and gorgeous -- and as talented in the kitchen as he is in the bedroom. From the moment they meet, William is determined to discover the perfect recipe to unlock Cat’s resolve, awaken her senses, and make her his own.

Book 1 in The Epicurean series, A Taste of You will leave you hungry…for more!

 A Sip of You

Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1GKaVjW

The undeniable chemistry between food photographer Catherine Kelley and billionaire gourmand William Lambourne has become an unquenchable thirst…

Catherine’s career in Chicago is taking off and the handsome stormy-eyed stranger who recently rocked her world has become—dare she say it?—her boyfriend. Dating a billionaire who’s a god in the bedroom and a virtuoso in the kitchen definitely has its perks. But it’s the unguarded, tender moments with William that stir Cat’s heart and reawaken her appetite for love. A weekend trip to William’s vineyard so he can face a painful loss puts their new relationship to the test. Complex and layered, William is at once passionate and sweet, but also prickly and guarded. He’s promised openness, but it becomes immediately clear that Cat’s version of honesty and his are as different as chardonnay and pinot noir. It’s hard to fault William for his secretive ways when Cat knows she’s holding back, too. As the attraction between them gets even hotter, Catherine and William must share all of their secrets before their relationship can truly begin. And little does Cat know how dangerous confronting their pasts will be.

Book 2 in the The Epicurean series.

**Contains adult content. Suitable for readers 18 & up**


About the Author: 
Adventurous eater, beach lover, and author of scorching contemporary erotic romance, she's also the nom de plume of a nationally bestselling author who publishes in another romance genre.
For another taste, visit her here:

Twitter username @SorchaGrace

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