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Unbearable Passion: Never Say Never (Unbearable Passion Billionaire Romance Series Book 1) by Scarlett Avery Review

Unbearable Passion: 
Never Say Never

(Unbearable Passion Billionaire 
Romance Series Book 1)
by Scarlett Avery
Release Date October 16, 2014

**Mature Content Warning** 
18+ for language and adult situations.

**Warning: This erotic romance novella is full of mind-blowing sex, spanking, afternoon quickies in public places, domination and a few other naughty things that will make you blush. Proceed at your own risk... 
but, it’s well worth the naughty ride!**

I never imagined I’d be forced in this position, but I really don’t have a choice after my financial debacle. I really can only blame myself for taking on that weasel as a partner.

I desperately need the money and I’m willing to contemplate the unimaginable ... a new career as a New York City high-priced escort.

Let’s be honest, there are few professions that pay this well and come with these perks.
I just hope my first client is well, decent.

As I approach him, I notice the unlit cigar sitting in front of him and my heart skips a beat when he turns to look at me. As nervous as I’ve been all day long anticipating this encounter, I’m excited to see that Billionaire Bryce Van Der Linden is absolutely breathtakingly stunning.

He was just supposed to be a client, but he’s giving me more pleasure than any other man has ever given me before.

He owns me...

Note: This ends in a cliffhanger. Parts two, three and four will be released within the next few weeks.

After losing her business through the dirty dealings of a nefarious partner, Sofia has no recourse but to find a job that will pay extremely well.  She owes money to her investors, the ones her partner did not steal from her.  They are clamoring to be repaid their losses. Where can a beautiful, refined, young woman work in New York and make loads of money fast?  You know it... working as an escort.

Through a friend's recommendation she is hired and her first job is booked right away.  She is about to meet not just a high end businessman, but a force of life himself.  Not wanting to mix her "real" life with this temporary job, she decides to use the Amanda as her escort name. 

Bryce Van Der Linden is all business and professional.  Better that way.  After meeting him, Sofia cannot help but feel extremely grateful he is so handsome and personable.  One thing she must remember is not to fall for him... in lust or in love.

Exciting plot line with loads of possibilities.  Exceptional writing style!  This is only Book 1 out of 4 Books.  I can just imagine her investors are going to come in to play at some point with her leading this dual life.  What will happen when her "real" and her "temporary" lives cross?  Will she fall for Bryce (he is so yummy!)?  Oh, my!  This promises to be a very exciting series from Scarlett Avery!

About the Author

Erotic romance author Scarlett Avery loves to make women blush with her sexy scandalous seduction novels. She's addicted to the feeling of falling in love and she's a sucker for a happy ending. Like most women, she hasn't met a pair of high heels she didn't like. She lives in New York City with her gorgeous Canadian husband and they divide their time between the Big Apple and Toronto, Canada.

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