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Unbearable Passion: French Kiss Part 2 by Scarlett Avery New Release and Review

Unbearable Passion: French Kiss Part 2
 by Scarlett Avery

New Release and Review

***Warning: This erotic romance novella is full of mind-blowing sex, domination and public sex at the back of a car and a few other naughty things. To add to the temptation, the action takes place in one of the most romantic cities in the world—Paris. Proceed at your own risk... but, it’s well worth the naughty ride!***

Amanda is back is this billionaire romance series – and she’s playing the role of exclusive escort to her first client, the smoking hot billionaire Mr. Van Der Linden. This time her services to the most eligible bachelor in America take her all the way to the city of love.

Bryce Van Der Linden has booked Amanda for a full week to assist him in his business meetings in Paris, France. But it’s never really all about business; it’s all about Amanda. And the city of love is just the perfect backdrop for all the things that he wants to do to her.

Amanda is trying to keep it business as usual and she’s trying very hard not to lose control. She has to remember this is a temporary gig and she needs to keep her identity secret. But she’s all too consumed by the debonair seducer.

Can she really keep it together or will she unravel little by little?

Note: This ends in a cliffhanger. Parts three and four will be released within the next few weeks

**Mature Content Warning** 18+ for language and adult situations.

 They are off to Paris!  Amanda/Sophia is going with Bryce in order to translate and help sway these new clients he is pursuing.  Of course, when all the work is done, Bryce will have her close at hand to take care of other carnal pursuits.

Bryce is so sweet to her.  He is also very impressed with her abilities as a business woman.  He is amazed that someone as bright and professional as her is making a living as an escort.  She has qualities that are going to waste and he wants to help her change that.

Amanda/Sophia is truly enjoying herself.  New lingerie, new designer outfits, and all the pampering are spoiling her.  She also feels like she is falling for this gorgeous and meteoric man.

Not all is smooth sailing.  There are problems with Bryce's past.  Oh, boy, one ex is particularly rude and socially unacceptable!  ...but I will let you read and make up your own mind.

I am so hooked on this series!  I want to know how Bryce is going to continue to see Amanda/Sophia while she is still working as an escort.  Will this man loose it if she ends up dating other men?

About the Author

Erotic romance author Scarlett Avery loves to make women blush with her sexy scandalous seduction novels. She's addicted to the feeling of falling in love and she's a sucker for a happy ending. Like most women, she hasn't met a pair of high heels she didn't like. She lives in New York City with her gorgeous Canadian husband and they divide their time between the Big Apple and Toronto, Canada. 

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