Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Point of Release by Remy Landon New Release and Point of Submission FREE on Nov. 11 and Nov.12

 Point of Release 
by Remy Landon

New Release


Sometimes, getting what you need means letting go.

*The conclusion of Cassandra and Carlo's story*

In this sequel to Point of Submission, Cassandra is left reeling after learning of her role in Carlo's sex game. Stunned and hurt, she resists Carlo's attempts to win her back, vowing to become stronger on her own and face issues in her past that have weakened her. Tension between Carlo and Brock escalates, with Carlo determined to give his former colleague what he deserves--but revenge can become a two-way street. While addressing his tormented past, Carlo works toward a future he hopes will include Cassandra, who is distracted by a new romantic interest. Will she relinquish her doubts and try again with Carlo - or will her newfound strength lead her in another direction?
*FREE Today and Tomorrow ONLY!!! 11/11 &11/12*
 To celebrate the release of Book 2 in this series

Point of Submission by Remy Landon

Point of Submission was reviewed in May with 5 STARS!

OOOOOOHHHH!!! This is the kind of erotic romance story I really love!

He is a player... and the game is submission. And it is a game played by two players: Carlo and Brock.

Cassandra is being cautious, but how can stop herself from falling in love with Carlo when he is unrelenting in his pursuit and experienced at getting his way.

This is a wildly delicious story... and only Part One. This is the stuff that erotic romance stories are made of. I felt like kicking Carlo in the "you know where" multiple times. His saving grace is that we can read between the lines and realize he was traumatized by the loss of someone he loved and this is the only way he can deal with "love".

Cassandra has all my support. She is hardworking and an absolutely lovable character. I felt like protecting her and had to remind myself " these are fictional characters, you dope!".
And do not get me started about Brock. I will not be ladylike in any way shape or form. He is the character in a book you definitely want to aim an AK-47 to.

Remy Landon you have a hit here! Great book! Now get busy and hurry up with Part Two. I cannot wait to see what happens next!


About this author

As a child, Remy was an avid reader and writer, bringing stacks of books everywhere she went and scribbling stories in a thick spiral notebook.

She heard somewhere that you should have a career based on what you loved to do when you were 10, and she would love nothing more than to follow that advice. 

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