Friday, October 10, 2014

The Space Between Us by Anie Michaels Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

The Space Between Us

by Anie Michaels


They always belonged to each other but even a fated love can be fractured.

Shy, artistic, and withdrawn 11-year-old Charlie McBride tries to get her footing as she copes with the loss of her mother, the move to a new town, and starting a new school. Asher Carmichael steps into her life, provides a steadfast friendship that offers her protection to grow into a beautiful, young woman. As years pass, their friendship evolves into a passionate first love neither one of them can deny. Together they explore a new relationship filled with all the butterflies and heartache expected as two young adults navigate sex, love, and trust.

One fateful night, a painful mistake leads to cataclysmic results, setting the lovers on separate paths. Charlie is too hurt to forgive and Asher has never been so lost without his Charlie. Years pass. Hearts remain broken. Neither one can forget their first love or overcome the space between them.

Contains sexually explicit language and other mature content. Readers should be 18 or older.

I am on a roll! These past few days, all the books I have read have been wonderful! With this novel, I hit the jackpot! This is an EPIC story of love, friendship, loyalty, trust and coming of age. Be ready, ladies. You will need your box of tissues! I bet not a single set of eyes will be dry while reading this book.

As you have probably read in the blurb, this story follows two friends from age eleven until their early thirties. We are given an intimate look at a friendship that develops over the years and changes as our characters grow and change themselves.

This love story is deeply sensitive, emotional and intimate. Our author writes in beautiful prose all about the feelings these young friends experience without understanding what they really mean. Remember your first love? The insecurities, wondering how he will react, does he love you, will he kiss you? As they grow and they begin to recognize how they feel about each other, we get to journey with them through the confusion and exhilaration of those butterflies and first heartbeats of a love you will not soon forget.

As in real life, when we are young we are not yet equipped to handle obstacles and our tempers. Their love is truncated by circumstances and mistaken facts. What happens next is a story worth reading.

I am still in tears from the emotions I have experienced reading this book!

About the Author
Anie Michaels started writing her first book in June of 2013 and since has managed to make it a full-time career. She spends her days in coffee shops imagining the lives of her fictional characters and then goes home to be a mother and wife; her other full-time career. Anie lives in Portland, Oregon, where some of her books are set, and wouldn't live anywhere else. When she isn't writing or taking care of her small children she spends her free time with her close friends and family. She loves beer and wine (a requirement went living in Oregon), and wishes she had more time for television because sometimes it's nice to look at attractive men instead of imagining them all the time.

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