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The Arrangement - Miss Black by Krista Lakes Blog Tour Excerpt

The Arrangement  Novellas
Miss Black by Krista Lakes
The Chase by Lauren Hawkeye
The Seduction by Carly Phillips


Part 1

From the New York Times bestselling author of Saltwater Kisses...

In the present day, Sean Ferro told Avery Stanz about his past marriage engagements. She could hardly believe that her Madam, the strict and controlling Miss Black, would have been engaged to the man of her dreams.

Miss Black once told Avery about her time as a call girl, about her one true regret: that she had held onto the job too long, that she had let the right guy slip away.

In Krista Lakes' first Kindle Worlds novella, travel back to the past with Miss Black, to a world a decade before H.M. Ward's "The Arrangement", to a time before the tragic end to Sean Ferro's marriage. Told from Miss Black's point-of-view, this story is the first part of the story of how she fell hard for the charms of Sean Ferro, and how she eventually came to be the Madam that we all love to hate.

This story can be read without prior knowledge of "The Arrangement", however some parts that are referenced will be more enjoyable if you are already familiar with H.M. Ward's bestselling serial.


Miss Black met the man of her dreams two days ago, the charming and devastatingly sexy Sean Ferro. However, he didn't know that she was actually an escort working for Miss White. the Madam of New York.
When Miss Black shows up for an escort service he requested, he storms out, unable to bear the thought of his new girlfriend being a whore. He soon comes to his senses and confesses his love for Miss Black.

However, events conspire that will try to force the two apart. When a figure from Sean's past threatens to expose Miss Black's secret to Sean, will it drive them apart? When Miss Black learns the secret of Sean's sexual appetites, will it cause her to leave him in disgust? And will Miss Black's Madam allow her to quit this job so that she can be together with Sean?

Most important, will the calculating mind of Miss Black be responsible for the heartache of a broken engagement?

From Part 2

For a moment I think of getting up and sitting in one of the chairs just because I can, but I don't. He just did a nice thing for me and people never do nice things for me without wanting something in return. Usually it's sex or a good time. But not with Sean. He wants something that I would very much like to give him, but I'm not sure I can. He wants me but I'm not sure I'm good enough. I have this terrible fear that if I let him have me the way he wants, he's going to see just how broken and fucked up I am and he won't want me anymore. He'll leave me just like everyone else did.

"Sage?" Sean props himself up on one elbow, his blue eyes concerned. I realize I haven't said anything or moved. I shake my head to clear the negative thoughts and lay down beside him. He cradles my head in his shoulder and my chest feels tight with emotion. I'm safe with him and that terrifies me. He loves me and I don't deserve an ounce of it.

There is a seed of darkness wrapped around his soul. I know because I had a seed just like it. Only mine has been allowed to germinate and grow, fed by hate and loss. That's how those little seeds of darkness turn into forests. I fear for him. His darkness hasn't consumed him yet, but it could. All it would need is a push. It's part of why I can't leave him, why I care so much for him. He still has hope.

I nestle in closer to him, drawing his strength into me. The lights dim and the sky suddenly fills with stars. It's so real for a moment I forget where I am. I can feel Sean's heartbeat, strong and steady under me. I close my eyes and let myself relax into him for a moment. For this moment, under the stars, I let myself be free. For just this moment, I let myself fall in love with Sean.

Except, I know I won't stop loving him after this moment. Once you love Sean Ferro, you will never stop loving him.

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